NZ High School Closed: 39 Teachers have Covid.

“Rangiora High School, located 30 minutes north of Christchurch, took to its Facebook on Sunday morning to announce the closure of the school today. It comes as about 39 teachers and support staff have contracted Covid-19 over the past few days.” NZ HERALD 5/2/24

Editor’s comment by Martin Harris

Lets go back to the vaccine rollout. A bit of nostalgia to set the scene;

Welcome to 2024. This isn’t just a case of media ignoring the elephant in the room. This a bloody great mammoth!

“Just one day into the new term, Rangiora High School has been forced to close its doors because a third of the teachers have Covid-19.

A letter was sent to parents explaining that the North Canterbury school was unable to staff classes and that no buses would run on Monday.

Principal Bruce Kearney said 39 of the approximately 110 teachers had tested positive, but he was not among them.

He said it was “crazy” to be closing the school now, especially given that they had managed to stay open during the Covid peaks in 2022.

Kearney put the proliferation down to what he believes must have been a super-spreader event…”


Here’s the text of Rangiora high Schools caregiver vaccination policy:

Rangiora High School Board
Managing the Vaccination Status of Residential
Caregivers and International Students
The recent vaccination mandate from the Government in relation to education workers
extends to residential caregivers, and schools should have a policy in place to ensure that:
● As far as practicable, international students live in a safe environment. (Outcome 6)
● Schools provide clear and sufficient information to enable students to make an
informed decision. In the current environment, this will include information relating to
caregivers and vaccinations. (Outcome 1)

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Education (Pastoral Care of International
Students) Code of Practice 2016 (The Code).
This policy ensures that international students are housed in safe accommodation, by
requiring that all residential caregivers and their household members 18 years of age and
over are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This policy also makes clear factors that will be
considered to ensure that information about the vaccination status of residential caregivers
and their family members may be collected in a manner that complies with the Privacy Act
The school’s policy is that all residential caregivers (as defined in the Code) and their
household members 5 years of age and over, who are eligible for a vaccination
against Covid-19, will be fully vaccinated.

● To avoid doubt, the school will only place students with, or approve, a residential
caregiver once the school has confirmed that the residential caregiver, and their
household members 5 years of age and over, who are eligible for vaccination against
Covid-19, have been fully vaccinated.
● The school will request current and prospective residential caregivers to disclose
their Covid-19 vaccination status, and the status of all people 5 years of age and over
living in the home. The school will require appropriate evidence of such vaccinations.
Where a residential caregiver, or member of their household 5 years of age and over,
who is eligible to be vaccinated, is not willing to disclose their vaccination status, the
school will treat that household as unvaccinated.

● The school will inform current and prospective students of the policy and measures in
place to ensure that those in the home who must be vaccinated, are fully vaccinated.
● Only authorised staff will have access to vaccination information.
● The school will use appropriate safeguards to protect vaccination information from
loss, unauthorised access, use, or disclosure
● Information on the vaccination status of individuals will only be provided to students,
their families, or agents if it is necessary, and only with the consent of the individual in
● The school will not share personal information unless required or authorised to do so
by law. In the situation of an outbreak, the school may share personal information
with a Public Health Authority for the purposes of planning and implementing
appropriate public health responses. Where possible, the school will only disclose
aggregate level information.
● The school may disclose aggregate level information to the Ministry of Health and the
Ministry of Education to assist those agencies monitor and plan Covid-19 responses.
Individuals will not be identified in any disclosure of information to these agencies.
● The school will not keep vaccination information for longer than is required for the
purposes stated above.
● Under the Privacy Act 2020, individuals have the right to request a copy of, and
correction to, any personal information held by the school.

You can read the whole text for yourself here:

International Students – Managing the Vaccination Status of Residential Caregivers and International Students (

So now, since the mRNA “vaccination” and its subsequent booster shots has failed to protect caregivers and keep them safe, this should be highly embarrassing both for the school and for the NZ government: Particularly the former government who were responsible for this draconian snake-oil mandate. Unfortunately, the major figureheads (Ardern and Bloomfield) have “left the building”.

Rangiora High is far from the only business or institution experiencing mass Covid infections several years after our government and health professionals promised us that this medicinal quackery would “beat the virus”. I know people who leaped at the chance to get their vaccine digital passport so they could get “back to normal”. They are now paying the price with repeat Covid infections and related health issues, often cardiac related’

Now, the author sympathizes to a degree with these people because they took the mRNA jab in good faith. And not everyone is inclined to seek informed answers or think for themselves.

However, too many of these persons were quick to mock, belittle, insult and excommunicate anyone who refused Doctor Pfizer’s Magic Elixir. Now their immune systems are compromised and who knows what health effects are yet to manifest.

So to the latter group of persons: Get your heads out of the hand and witness the hulking great mammoth in the room.

Pretty easy to refuse a vaccine and be wrong about it. Pretty hard to “unvaccinate” yourself once the damage is done, yes?

So, very sorry, but we DID try to warn you.

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