Videos of the Day: Putin nearly assassinated during China visit. And did we just survive a Carrington Event?

News we simply don’t hear in the mainstream. Putin may or may not have been a target, but Jennifer Zeng’s report and footage is important nevertheless as the New World Order continues to take shape.


Meanwhile, I can attest to the spectacular auroral displays over Christchurch skies last week. Probably the strongest I’ve ever observed. Anton Petrov asks if this were the equivalent of the infamous Carrington Event of the late 1800s.

My opinion? G5 is the strongest scale measurement and measures geomagnetic storm strength, but while this was impressive, it was nowhere hear the “X45” solar flare that caused telegraph wires to catch fire during the Carrington Event.

Anton, the creator of the vid comments:


I forgot to mention one important tidbit. This NASA video explains more: Solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) are NOT the same phenomenon. Solar flares are basically photons that reach us in 8 minutes. CMEs are charged particles that take days to reach Earth This magnetic storm was caused by the CME and not the flares. So even though the flare might have been super powerful (e.g. x30) it wouldn’t affect the magnetic field at all and only have effects on the ionosphere which can affect radiocommunication but will not result in aurora or major magnetic anomalies on the surface such as busted transformers
I noticed a lot of comments talk about the solar flare power (e.g. usually expressed as X45 such as the one for Carrington event) – but this doesn’t tell us about the magnetic effects and the powerful aurora. This event did include a solar flare (a few actually) but they were not as impressive as the 5 CMEs that followed. Lastly, solar flares are mostly an issue for astronauts and satellites, not so much for us here on Earth. CMEs are an issue for everything as these are highly charged particles traveling super fast so…tl;dr solar flares and CMEs sometimes happen together, sometimes they don’t, but they’re a different phenomenon with different effects


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