Drones destroy Russian early warning radar

On May 22, Ukrainian drones [but were they? See Hal Turner’s report below, MH] targeted and destroyed a Russian missile early warning radar system, Voronezh-DM, near the village of Glubokiy in the Krasnodar region.

Russia Radar early warning

According to the Militarnyi’s report, images circulating online show the aftermath, with two damaged buildings on the grounds of military unit 41003, home to the 818th Independent Radiotechnical Center.

The strike also damaged the radar’s phased array antenna systems. The Voronezh-DM radar, operational since late 2016, is capable of detecting ballistic and hypersonic targets up to 6,000 kilometers away. This radar forms part of Russia’s missile early warning network, providing critical data on missile launches to enhance the response capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces.

The radar system’s destruction is a strategic loss for Russia, impacting its missile detection and response capabilities…

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Here’s Hal Turner’s take on the matter:

*** FLASH *** URGENT*** Russia Early-Warning (Nuclear) Missile Radar ATTACKED

One of Russia’s absolutely key over-the-horizon, nuclear-early-warning radar sites has been hit by drone attack, BLINDING Russia from missiles launched at them from . . .  the Middle East.

The 818th Separate Radio-Technical Unit at the Armavir Radar Station located in Krasnodar Krai, Russia is now knocked-out.  Here are images of the two gigantic radar buildings at that radar site.

The map below shows where this particular station is:

Normally, the entire Russia early-warning radar system provides the coverage seen in the graphic below:

With the damage to the two radar stations at the Armavir Radar Station, there is now a GAPING HOLE in Russia’s early-warning system against nuclear attack. 

Russia is now a sitting Duck for a nuclear first strike, not only against their Strategic Nuclear missile silos, but also against all the major population centers inside Russia.

Submarine launched nukes from the far eastern Mediterranean Sea, land-launched or even air-launched missiles from Turkey, from ISRAEL, Sub-launched missiles from the Red Sea, ALL can no longer be detected by Russia.  

The coverage map below is highlighted below to show the unimaginable scope of the GAPING HOLES.  

Of course, this is being credited to Ukraine, but the radar stations that were hit DO NOT COVER UKRAINE.

  Clearly, this hit was concocted by the US/EU and NATO; they are the ONLY entities that benefit from this. (Correction: There is another beneficiary . . .  Israel . . .  can now launch ballistic or nuclear missiles at Iran, and Russia will not be able to warn Iran.)

Why would we do this?   Unless . . . . we’re planning a nuclear first-strike upon Russia!..

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Hmmm…or a message to Putin to keep his nukes in his pants, Hal? let’s tone down the hysteria a bit, even if we ARE on the brink of Armageddon...

This might be related:

NATO ‘preparing for war’ with Russia – Orban

According to the prime minister, there are “alarming similarities” between the emotionally charged media publications and statements by Western politicians regarding the Ukraine conflict and the atmosphere preceding the First and Second World Wars.

“What is happening today in Brussels and Washington… looks like warming up for a possible direct military conflict. We can safely call it the preparation of Europe’s entry into the war,” Orban said, adding that there are working groups within NATO that are assessing the best ways for the bloc to further boost its participation in the conflict.

He warned that the end result of these actions could be a direct conflict between the EU, NATO, and Russia – a “grim prospect,” as the conflict would involve nuclear powers.

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