The image bespeaks of the current game plan .. we must remember that Mossad were here in Christchurch at the time of the Earthquake .. and this under suspicious circumstances .. i.e. Israel obviously had foreknowledge but the subsequent bungling as some Israeli,s died was appalling .. The incident where […]


Images of malnourished children on Campbell Live .. the memories flooded back of malnourished British children in wartime Britain .. in those days such afflictions were painted in Gentain Blue so that one was shunned by classmates and kept at a distance (usually a canes length) by teaching staff who […]


THE JUDEO-RUSSIAN MAFIA AND THE BLOODBATH TO COME, by Dr Lasha Darkmoon Posted on May 11, 2013 by Montecristo What does the Judeo-Russian mafia got to do with the Boston Marathon bombing and the planned destruction of Syria and Iran? Read on to find out… Is America being blackmailed into […]

  Funny money honey! From time to time, however, the curtain has been lifted long enough for us to see behind it. A number of reputable authorities have attested to what is going on, including Sir Josiah Stamp, president of the Bank of England and the second richest man in […]

More choice ingredients for the Vaccine Industry .. if you thought the ingredients of milk complete with the universal pus from mastitis and the the antibiotics was the worst that could be done .. the powers that be .. go to sell the blood from these diseased creatures for vaccines […]

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I wonder where the Met learnt this one .. it looks like everyone is doing it now. These undercover cops excuse what they have done by saying “It was for the greater good” .. now where have I heard that one before ? The greater good ? what should concern […]


  Australia for tourists and questions about this great Country….. These were posted on an Australian tourism website, and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a great sense of humour (not to mention a low tolerance threshold for cretins!)


I have to wonder how much longer this fraudulent scam must go on .. the government of the day and in exchange for a backhander sells off at bargain basement prices essential public utilities to shadowy figures who then proceed to give everyone a right royal screwing and continue to […]