Aliens or China? What in the name of God is going on in America? Sott.netMon, 13 Feb 2023 Following last week’s comically bizarre ‘Chinese Spy Balloon Shoot-down’, this weekend the Pentagon declared that it shot down two MORE ‘Chinese balloons’ over Alaska and Canada, and that it scrambled fighter jets […]

Science ought to be the pursuit of facts. These days it’s become the pursuit of funding. Big corporations profit from the resultant misdirection while getting away with health and environmental crimes. Editorial Opinion by Martin Harris 8/1/23 Your government relies on you having a short memory. A few years BC […]

No it isn’t satire or a hoax. We did a little digging and analysis on this one and share our observations about the alleged vaccine and traffic accident link! MH Martin Harris 15/12/22 Original source of info is a video by Carl Vernon: I went and read the actual study […]

Confirming what we at Uncensored suspected since the news broke earlier today… Today (Tuesday) marks the largest Russian bombardment of Ukraine with precision guided missiles and drones. The Ukrainian equivalent of the Pentagon reported was struck in Kiev. And Western media now is reporting frantically that Russia fired a missile […]

The following is a brief excerpt from a superb and extensive article via David Sorensen. Please share and sign up for this valuable resource. Spread the truth about Ukraine! Thanks to Jon Eisen for the link. The editor of one of Europes largest newspapers, Udo Ulfkotte, made a shocking confession. After […]