Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/markets/7895242/Mystery-trader-buys-all-Europes-cocoa.html Even Willy Wonka might struggle to use this much chocolate. Yesterday, somebody bought 241,000 tonnes of cocoa beans. The purchase was enough to move the entire global cocoa market, sending the price to the highest level since 1977, and triggering rumours and intrigue in the City. It is […]


In an attempt to be proactive, or seem proactive, governments and scientists are ‘considering‘ changing the climate. Using man made volcano-like smoke stacks, reflective particles in the upper atmosphere, aerosolized particles dispensed from aircraft …and other such dangerous (not to mention expensive) ideas. Whilst I’m in no rush to usher […]


Watch this movie. On at the Auckland film festival https://www.nzff.co.nz/default.aspx?id=8791&region=2 Still tickets available for the last two shows. … ooooh but hurry. ========================= The official ‘redband’ trailer for American The Bill Hicks Story www.americanthemovie.com This groundbreaking new documentary uses a stunning new animation technique to tell the story of the modern cultural […]

It is without question that corruption happens, and without argument it seems to be happening in New Zealand, the “least corrupt country in the world” Penny Bright host a public meeting to explain the ins and outs of this problem particularly as it relates to the 7 united water contracts […]

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski July 5, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A news release from Google says that the mega-search engine company will begin paying its homosexual employees more than their heterosexual counterparts. Citing a tax law that says health insurance benefits paid to civil partners of homosexual employees are considered taxable income, […]

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