This is from a source whose information seems to have a track record of reliability: by Hal Turner I wrote yesterday that the hysteria around the “use of nuclear weapons by Moscow” scares me. Unfortunately, there are other indications that there may be something behind it. Not 100%. Still… (coming soon) would […]

Is this explosive alleged RAND document on the “suiciding” of Germany real or a hoax? Read the article, view the PDF in the link and form your own conclusions. MH by David Chu for the Saker blog Well that’s the real question, isn’t it? Why? The how and the who […]

Flights abroad sell out following Putin’s partial mobilization. Air Live – Sept 21, 2022 Russian airlines have stopped selling tickets to Russian men aged 18 to 65 unless they can provide evidence of approval to travel from the Ministry of Defense. All flights from Russia to available foreign destinations were […]

Communications from our enigmatic contributor: Behind the MSM blackouts, propaganda and censorship on recent events. As always, do your own research on these subjects and question everything! MH from 3/9/22 Boris Johnson; still commanding The UK Special Forces; last night dispatched 60 elites from the command stationed in Kent; to […]

Russia has launched sweeping military drills in the country’s east that involve forces from China – a show of increasingly close defence ties between Moscow and Beijing amid tensions with the West over the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Vostok 2022 (East 2022) exercise is being held Sept. 1-7 in […]

A top Ukrainian security official has said that Kiev had been gearing up for hostilities with Russia since as early as December 2019. The Russian military had earlier reported uncovering classified Ukrainian documents indicating a planned offensive against Donbass rebels. RTThu, 25 Aug 2022 The revelation about Kiev’s military preparation […]