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Tag: Climate Change

A Debate on Geoengineering: Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer

For those of you (you know who you are) who have trouble imagining a reason for what are commonly called ‘chemtrails’ … perhaps this might throw some light on its possible uses.

Its interesting to note  that when there is a heat wave in the northern hemisphere its because of global warming and when there is a hideously cold winter its an anomaly


* A Debate on Geoengineering: Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer *

Supporters of geoengineering have proposed radical ways to alter the planet to decrease the level of greenhouse gas emissions. Proposals include creating artificial volcanoes to pollute the atmosphere with sulfur particles, fertilizing the oceans and placing sun-deflecting aluminum foil in the sky. But opposition is growing to geoengineering. We host a debate between Indian environmentalist, scientist, philosopher and eco-feminist, Vandana Shiva, and geopolitical analyst and columnist, Gwynne Dyer.


Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement?

U.N. plans for a new ‘government’ are scary.


We can only hope that world leaders will do nothing more than enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride around the charming streets of Copenhagen come December. For if they actually manage to wring out an agreement based on the current draft text of the Copenhagen climate-change treaty, the world is in for some nasty surprises. Draft text, you say? If you haven’t heard about it, that’s because none of our otherwise talkative political leaders have bothered to tell us what the drafters have already cobbled together for leaders to consider. And neither have the media.

Enter Lord Christopher Monckton. The former adviser to Margaret Thatcher gave an address at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, earlier this month that made quite a splash. For the first time, the public heard about the 181 pages, dated Sept. 15, that comprise the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change—a rough draft of what could be signed come December.

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See this update which will tell you why they changed the name from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”.

There is a lot more, but this should do for starters.


The price of dissent on global warming

David Bellamy | November 25, 2008

The evidence is now in. The earth has not warmed since 1998. In fact, it’s getting colder by the minute. Here’s an article by David Bellamy who can’t get on BBC anymore since he doubted the official line on GW. Science is never about “consensus” (not that there ever was one in the first place); it’s about discovery and the unbiased approach to evidence, regardless of preconceptions. It’s also about admitting when you were wrong, rather than covering up with slick elisions like “Climate Change”. Anyhow, this has become an embarrassment for the Greens, and it’s high time they came clean. Will they? Or will they and their “consensus scientists” wait until hell (or the earth) literally freezes over?

Here’s the story:


Challenging the basis of Kyoto Protocol

The Hindu, 16 July 2008

Vladimir Radyuhin

Russian scientists deny that the Kyoto Protocol reflects a consensus view of the world scientific community.

As western nations step up pressure on India and China to curb the emission of greenhouse gases, Russian scientists reject the very idea that carbon dioxide may be responsible for global warming.

Russian critics of the Kyoto Protocol, which calls for cuts in CO2 emissions, say that the theory underlying the pact lacks scientific basis. Under the Theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, it is human-generated greenhouse gases, and mainly CO2, that cause climate change. “The Kyoto theorists have put the cart before the horse,” says renowned Russian geographer Andrei Kapitsa. “It is global warming that triggers higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, not the other way round.” Read more


By Glenys Crompton
18 May 2007

I am not a climatologist nor do I have any other degree relating to the weather or the planet, but sitting in front of a computer I have managed to discover that not only is global warming not caused by man, but global warming is not happening , in fact we have global cooling! There is a simple equation to work out if the planet is cooling or heating, if you have ice accumulation on land and sea levels are dropping then you have cooling, it may surprise you to learn that this is what is actually going on. I will explain all the supporting factors which are at present driving the planet to cool, as well as all the evidence of which there is plenty, to prove that the planet is in fact cooling. I include references so you can check my study.

My study have shown me that it is the unprecedented rise in volcanic activity that is driving the present climate change. Nobody really knows the cause of the greatly increased level of volcanic activity, just that it is going on. Volcanoes in the sea make up 80% to 90% of the earth’s volcanoes and these are the ones most active, especially those on the plate boundaries. They have hardly been noticed by most except that it appears warmer, the ocean has warmed and the CO2 rate is going through the roof .

Most of us are unaware however that ice has been accumulating in increasing amounts at the poles and the temperature has been declining there – despite many reports to the contrary.
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related uncensored article:

Arctic Sea Ice – Daily Comparison
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ^ | Daily | Department of Atmospheric Sciences, UI-UC

Over the past few days, a plethora of articles have been published saying that Arctic ice is melting at a faster rate than last year, which was a recent historical record, and the North Pole will soon be ice free. The graphic below and link to this thread show the opposite:

1 year comparison

28 year comparison

Compare (Arctic) Daily Sea Ice

Associated web page:

The Cryosphere Today

As for the North Pole being ice free, there are openings in the sea ice that don’t mean the entire surrounding area is free of ice:

The Top of the World: Is the North Pole Turning to Water?

No ice at the North Pole…But WHY????

Exclusive: No ice at the North Pole

Polar scientists reveal dramatic new evidence of climate change

By Steve Connor, Science Editor
Friday, 27 June 2008

But that was because of this,

Fire under the ice

International expedition discovers gigantic volcanic eruption in the Arctic Ocean