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Increasing reports of court registrars and judges preventing parties access to NZ Courts have raised concerns within the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. Commissioner Director Rosslyn Noonan admitted to kiwisfirst that complaints have increased significantly since the loss of the Privy Council and that ensuring access to the courts is a priority of the HRC.  She conceded the New Zealand Human Rights Commission has yet to take any appropriate action.

This recent revelation supports the harbinger raised by the Privy Council Taito v Queendecision in 2002.  In that ruling, the Law Lords were scathing in their criticism of the New Zealand Court of Appeal.  They accused NZ Judges of limiting access to legal counsel and legal aid and unlawfully recruiting registrars to make judicial rulings in an effort to more easily manage the Court’s case load.  Many lawyers believe the Supreme Court Act passed the following year – which took away the rights of New Zealanders to appeal to the Privy Council – was a case of shooting the messenger.  It also seems to have the effect of sanctioning such unlawful conduct.  As this video demonstrates, Auckland High Court Registrar Tony Mortimer is not shy about obstructing the filing of Court documents even when he is on camera. At minute 6:00, he is heard agreeing to accept the claim filing after being unable to find fault under the rules, but 2 minutes later, when he thought the camera was gone, furtively tells the clerk not to assign it a case number so as to keep it out of the system.

The Court of Appeal Judges accused by the Privy Council of behaving badly now sit on the New Zealand Supreme Court – which replaced the Privy Council as New Zealanders last Court of right in 2004.

So what are the ethical requirements of New Zealand judges now that we no longer have the disciplining benefit of the Privy Council?  Would you believe it is a secret?!  At least it was until today.  After pressure from some lawyers intent on knowing what binds the conduct of New Zealand Judges, Chief JusticeSian Elias reluctantly agreed, effective today, to permit the NZ Guidelines for Judicial Conduct be posted on the Courts of New Zealand government webpage.  Quite interestingly, they appear under the caveat“Note: These guidelines were approved in 2003. They are expressed to be guidance to judges, not rules for them. The guidelines are subject to revision from time to time.” Yet these conduct guidelines certainly look like rules with words such as “should” and “always”.  It is even more evident that, whatever the intent of creating them, a good many judges have not been following them.  Hence, the last line is perhaps an omen.  As with the seven commandments in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, revisions are its destiny now that they have been displayed on the barn door.


By Penny Bright
10 November 2009

What is happening to Vince Siemer makes me ashamed to be a New Zealander.

Vince has just been arrested at his home, and has been taken by Police Officers to the Auckland High Court.

Whether the matter will be heard today – or Vince will be held in custody overnight is at this stage unknown.

Vince refused to attend Court this morning, for reasons outlined in his

‘MEMORANDUM OF RESPONDENT IN PROTEST TO SHOW TRIAL’ which follows at the end of  this email.
Seimer breached J Winkelmann’s ‘Court Order’ which says that the public are not allowed to be told that six out of nine of the land search warrants used by Police in the so-called ‘Tuhoe Terror Raids’ were found to be unlawful.
That’s right. New Zealand’s (in)famous “terror raids” were found to be unlawful. However, New Zealanders were forbidden from learning that fact.
The reason given was that public knowledge that the Police acted unlawfully would prejudice the defendants right to a fair trial.

Origins of the Police State Bill before NZ Parliament

Submitted by Paraone The Thought Criminal (not verified) on 1 November 2009 – 6:37pm

  • Anarchism
  • Indigenous Struggles
  • Local

In the NZ Herald magazine today, the police began a propaganda campaign to try to subtly convince the minions that the top police grab teams are in fact loving caring good old boys, kiwis, just like you and me, just doing their job.

This attempt to put a human face to hired killers and kidnappers is really nothing short of propaganda in the very traditional sense of the word.

Historically though the police specialist units were not always seen this way, and the example they put forward intodays Herald would be the best and only case they could possibly use as a flagship for indocrinating the masses.

Once upon a time they did have a lot of public support for killing Kiwis, but things have gone a little screw-iff for them, as seen recently with Tuhoe turning up at Parliament demanding justice.

How did they go from victors of Aramoana to villain leading to todays bullshit in the NZ Herald?

So lets take a look at where it all began.

It all began in 1964 when a bunch of cops got capped by some gunmen. Police response, the AOS. So in collusion with a couple of SAS guys, they kicked off their little bunch of gun toting goons.

Then came this guy…

Ran around his neighbourhood with assault rifles and killed 13 people including killing one cop and wounding another.

Cops gunned him down to the relief of the peon masses.

Handing the cops the needed vindication they craved for taking NZ into armed police struggle against the population. No suprises that support for the AOS went to an all time high.

But that was short lived…

1996 Terrence Thompson while being sought by police for questioning since he drove a car similar to the one that was used in a shooting of an officer some 9 weeks earlier, and also being unarmed, managed to sustain a bullet from a high powered police snipers rifle, killing him.

Noone was ever charged for his execution, nor was any rank and file charged with ordering his death.

Skip forward a year or two to April 2000…

Steven Wallace who had allegedly been in a fight with the very officer that gunned him down in cold blood, was later shot dead by Keith Abbot, AOS member and recent attendee of the NZ Police AOS terror training camp just one weekend prior to executing Mr Wallace. The Coroners whitewash report redefined execution styled shootings as bad choice making, and therefore failed to point out that two of the four bullet holes in Steven were through his back shoulder while he was laying on the ground after being shot in the side with the first two bullets.

This execution split the nation into two groups, those that knew what they were seeing and those that chose to continue to refuse to believe that this countries armed police have gone bad.

Things got even worse, this guy…

got photographed talking with that guy, and sent the special tactical groups into a headspinning frenzy trying to devise ways they could do the Terrence Thompson execution on him, word reached the activist that his life was in danger and for some months he was made by his friends and family to wear a bullet proof vest. However because he didn’t break any windows, the police were not able to manufacture enough public support to smoke his arse without cause.

Then came this:

Apparently masterminded by this guy:

Which caused no end of frustration to the anti-terror specialist groups because of this problem:

Terror networks other than the US Military, cannot find NZ on the map, and just how long can you spin out terror threats on your country and none are forthcoming, funding gets cut, anti-terror goon squads get thinned, you get the picture.

The answer is simple, ramp up the fear of terrorism to its highest degree and get 10 years more easy government funding while arming your 10,000 strong police force with the latest assault rifles and sniper systems.

Problem is, the dilemma, who do we demonise….

This guy, or those guys….hmmmm

On one side you have a group training up to kill Asians and any other ethnicity that wishes to ‘pollute the genepool’ with non-aryan eye colour…or…theres that guy that talked to Speights and shot our flag.

Aaron: “…Ive got it Mr Broad…if you can just turn off that beastiality porn DVD I will explain how all this will work”

Broad: “Yes do go on Aaron”

Aaron: “Well this was Phils (Le Comte) idea really, but anyways, what we need is more than an Osama or a terror group, what we need is our own Taliban in the hills, yunno like over in Angaffistana to get us that easy gravy train Government cash in order to defeat our own terrorist ethnic group.”

Broad: “Brilliant! young Pissgot, but let us not forget that its legislation that brings cash my young apprentice, and fear gets legislation through parliament. So bring in everyone and lets get to demonising that community, after all, they refuse to pay their rates and dog tax, this is a good chance to remind them that we are in charge now.”

So Oct 15 2007,

and of no surprise…the appropriate and measured response from a people terrorised by the state.

Finally the NZ Police Presents: Search and Surveillance Bill giving the cops unlimited powers. A revolution in fact, of police powers. This has been a lesson in how to go from supposed defenders of the community to a STAZI State in several easy killings and terrorising acts.

Ramp that fear up Coppers….its working, the brain dead masses are eating it up like steak and cheese pies.


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