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Tag: riots

Soros Now Funding Trump Protestors


From: NaturalNews
Soros now funding left-wing terrorist groups  that seek to overthrow the government
[Mike Adams]
Dave Hodges from The Commonsense Show interviewed me a few days ago.
We discussed how the radical violent left plans to destroy the coming Trump administration and overthrow the Republic to put their own criminal cronies into power.
International anarcho-terrorist money man George Soros is funding domestic terrorism organizations like and Black Lives Matter to try to stage a leftist uprising.
Watch the full one hour video  (  discussion of the tricks and tactics that the criminal left will try and invoke.
Read the full article here.
Left-wing violence in wake of Trump victory won’t stop until America completely shuns the corrupt ‘mainstream media’

BUSTED!  Entire Blocks Filled With Buses From Soros Paid Rioters

BUSTED! Entire Blocks Filled With Buses From Soros Paid Rioters

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