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66 Suspected Cases In NZ, Which Is The 6th Country To Confirm It Has “Swine Flu:” Evidence Occultists Are Working Behind The Scenes?

Updated 2nd May

On the 28th of April, the TV3 news mentioned there were 66 suspected cases of swine flu and that New Zealand was the 6th country in the world to officially declare it has the virus.  The following day news in the US included a reference to: “66 confirmed cases across 6 states.” Time to pay attention? Is the writing on the wall, or was this use of 66 and 6 in relation to what some believe is the elites’ Endgame, a mere coincidence?


While it could be a coincidence, bear in mind that the psychopaths in control like giving a sign before they strike and as bizarre as it may sound, those who are in the process of Picture From Infowars.comimplementing a One World Government and reducing the world population, are Satanists, and obsessed with the occult.

One of the principles of occult practices is that of using certain numbers associated with as many aspects of occultism as possible.   The number 666  is of particular significance to them.  It is the number of the “Beast” and a reference to the Book of Revelations in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

To see hard evidence for yourself that shows that the power elite have an unwholesome and disturbing interest in the occult, watch the documentary ‘Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove’ by radio show host Alex Jones.  The pictures shown in this article are from this ground-breaking film.   Jones managed to get in to the Grove with a hidden camera and exposed that supposedly respectable men engage in an anti-human pagan ritual, called the Cremation of Care.  It has been documented that George Bush Snr and Jnr,  Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, Ronald Reagan and Henry Kissenger as well as many other public figures have attended and that government policy has even been formulated there.   So it appears, as strange and unworldly as it may seem, that the lunatics have taken over the asylum – or as New World Order researcher and author Alan Watt puts it, it is the age of the psychopath.  Consequently, it is time for everyone to wake up and take action.  Inform your friends of the New World Order and their agenda – that is a good way to begin.

“Swine Flu” In New Zealand According To WHO

By Clare Swinney

It was reported by TV3 that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) lab in Melbourne has now confirmed that swine flu is present in New Zealand.

Three test results back from the WHO lab for the Rangitoto College students who tested positive for influenza A, have also tested positive for the swine flu, making New Zealand the sixth country to officially confirm that it has cases of people infected with the virus.

The WHO’s test results were announced in Wellington at a press conference attended by the Minister of Health, Tony Ryall, Director-General of Health, Stephen McKernan, Director of Public Health, Mark Jacobs and National Co-ordinator of Emergency Planning, Steve Brazier.
Mr Ryall announced that the lab’s results had shown that at least three New Zealanders had tested positive to “swine flu” and Mr Jacobs advised that tests on a fourth sample were still being conducted.
The Rangitoto College students had returned to Auckland, New Zealand at 5am on Saturday on Air NZ flight NZ 1 from a trip to Mexico, where the virus is reported to have killed  152, although this figure could be far higher.
Several of the students had symptoms of influenza, so their teacher insisted that they see doctors, one of whom contacted Auckland Regional Public Health Services.
The Rangitoto College students’ symptoms were reported as being mild and all are on the road to recovery.  The nature of their symptoms was consistent with the pattern experienced so far in other countries other than Mexico according to Mr Ryall.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization announced on Monday that it was dispatching a team to inspect pig farms in Mexico in an attempt to determine whether the new strain was circulating amongst pigs and then trace a link to humans.

While the virus is designated “swine flu,” it is more precisely labelled swine-avian-human flu as it combines pig, bird and human viruses, leading to speculation that it is not a product of nature, but of a laboratory.


nwo_endgameArtwork by Brocke Lever

NZ: Why Was The HUGE News About The Nano-Thermite Not On The Front Page of The NZHerald and On The TV News?

By Clare Swinneyb852

Danish scientist, Professor Niels Harrit, reported during a news item that aired on April the 6th in Denmark  that nano-thermite was responsible for the collapse of WTC 1 and 2  on 9/11, not planes controlled by hijackers.

This is HUGE news given all that was hinged on the official story.  However, in spite of the gravity of the finding, although Professor Harrit’s TV report was picked up by on the 14th of April, and therefore readily available to mainstream journalists in New Zealand, at the time of writing this post it had still not been canvassed by TVNZ, TV3 nor by the New Zealand Herald.

The big question is why not? Who does the mainstream media really serve in this country?

While TV3 played 9/11: In Plane Site in its entirety in 2006, a documentary which showed that the official story was a lie, TVNZ and the NZHerald have consistently sold the public the official story about Osama bin Laden and the 19 hijackers.

In covering up the truth, these media outlets are complicit in the crime.  They have a duty to correct this lie and tell the people the facts and what better place to start than by advising the public of the report about the nano-thermite?

Who thinks it is time to protest outside TVNZ and the New Zealand Herald and let them know that the people of New Zealand care about the truth?

What are other people’s thoughts and ideas?