The Israeli public relations machine is once again making attempts to obfuscate and justify the actions of its army along the Gaza fence. *CONTENT ADVISORY: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH, MH. Mike Peled – Mint Press News Feb 25, 2020 The Israeli military said it shot two Palestinian militants trying to […]

A predictably grim response to the opening of the US Embassy in Israel. So much for peace so far: Gaza (CNN)Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians in bloody clashes at the Gaza border Monday in the deadliest day there since the 2014 war, as the US officially opened its Embassy […]

Another grim anniversary for Gaza Efforts to end the Gaza blockade must go hand in hand with the wider Palestinian right to self-determination.By Sharif Nashashibi Sharif Nashashibi is an award-winning journalist and analyst on Arab affairs. July 8 marks the anniversary of last year’s Israeli onslaught against Gaza. Commonly and […]


BBC UN human rights investigators have questioned the legality of Israel’s Gaza offensive in a wide-ranging report to the UN Human Rights Council. One investigator, Richard Falk, asked how a military assault with modern weapons could have been made “against an essentially defenceless society”. The report found civilians appeared to […]

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