British bank NatWest has the ultimate solution to non-binary insanity: Double sided identity badges. Change your gender identity as the mood suits you. YOUR banking money is funding this cuckoo-land madness, NatWest customers! Other banks are following similar “LGBTQ+ friendly” initiatives as the Daily Mail article outlines. Personally I can […]

“I actually do not contest their decision because it reinforces my opinion that Pride is NOT for kids.” Blaire White, YouTuber Author: Sara HigdonThe Post MillenialThu, 15 Jun 2023 On Wednesday, YouTube added an age restriction to a video from transexual YouTuber Blaire White who shared a video of a Pride parade where children […]

The Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast, a Florida-based LGBTQ+ organization, announced that after several discussions with Port St. Lucie officials, this weekend’s Pridefest would be limited to attendees aged 21 and older. MORE: Martin comments: I have no issue with the “Rainbow” community doing whatever they want in […]