Bombshell report from UK mainstream media. The truth IS coming out. “Just following orders” is now a familiar call as a generation suffers the psychological damage of lockdowns. MH Did scientists self-censor during Covid? Lockdown critics ‘had considerable tacit support but many stayed silent amid fears it could damage their […]

GCHQ, the government listening post in Cheltenham, Glos, worked with MI5 and MI6 to monitor any communications that differed from the official Covid narrative. The Daily – Sept 1, 2023 A government unit accused of seeking to suppress free speech during the pandemic worked with Britain’s intelligence agencies, senior civil servants […]

ESG seems noble enough on the surface, but as UK banking customers are discovering, it is a trojan horse for political control. The high-profile case of Right-Wing Brexit guru Nigel Farage has now dragged the issue into the headlines. Martin Harris 20/7/23 So what is ESG? Chances are that if […]

England’s Chief Medical Officer drops some truth-bombs about ministerial intervention in the role of the Covid lockdown. Of course, here in New Zealand, PM Jacinda Ardern’s iron boot was evident right from Day One, and in fact she openly took delight in her totalitarian role, while our Director General of […]

Part of the British Government, Covid disinformation unit ‘hourly contact’ with tech firms From Dr. John Campbell on YouTube: Dr. John Campbell…… British civil service, secretive government unit Flagged critics of lockdown and pandemic policy… A secretive government Covid unit (CDU), (A cell within government) accused of […]

These residents are dynamite! Intelligent, well-reasoned arguments. Watch and learn. Also see the link for speech and communication tips below. Handy resource. Residents vs Colchester City Council 21st March 2023 Mar 27, 20233 Colchester residents tackle their city council over the net zero initiatives that aren’t remotely green! Lithium links […]