Take a look at this job request. Vaccination Supply Operations Lead. Does this indicate something nefarious is afoot or what? from Jon Eisen 2/3/23 Take note of the date posted. This isn’t old news and doesn’t relate to the Covid rollout of 2021. Is this for reaL? Yes, absolutely it […]

It doesn’t get much more Orwellian than this! (What happened to “my body my choice”, Dems?). MH The Joe Biden administration has created a “Vaccine Hesitancy Map” using U.S. Census Data in order to help pro-vaccine activists target counties where people who don’t want to take the vaccine live. By […]

A new poll has found that Americans refusing a Covid-19 vaccination are highly unlikely to change their minds as inoculation rates have also significantly dropped. RTMon, 07 Jun 2021 More than three in four adults (78%) who have thus far refused to get a Covid-19 vaccination say they are unlikely […]