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Revelation Of The Pyramids: Great Documentary.

Fascinating documentary from Russia, translated to English. An Anonymous Release. Icon -Small

Someone Else’s Country: Rise of the Elite in NZ

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Hitler’s War: What The Historians Fail To Mention

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9/11 ~ Echoes of Darkness [Mini-documentary]

The powers that be shredded the constitution

and took you into a series of wars that have left countless civilians dead

based on this event.

You owe it to your children and grandchildren to take another look at it.

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Human Conflict ~ Part IV

The New Pearl Harbour ~ The Best 9/11 Documentary Yet

Money & Life (full documentary)

[ Saw this at a local screening the other night

 – well worth the hour and 26 minutes of your life

If you want to show it to a neighbourhood near you

then click on ‘Host A Screening’

here ]

The New Pearl Harbor ~ September 11 (full documentary)

Quite simply the best documentary about the ongoing 9/11 ‘debate’ ~ that has yet been made.

This is Part 3 of 3 Parts ~ and mostly deals with the demolitions of all three buildings

Parts 1 & 2 can be found and watched here