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EMR pollution expert to talk at Green Living Show June 30

SafeSpace LogoPaul Waddell, who runs the business SafeSpace which assesses EMR pollution in homes and other environments (and gives advice on remediation) will be giving a talk and demonstration  at the Green Living Show at 3 pm on Sunday June 30.

The show will be held at the ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane West, Greenlane, Auckland, New Zealand.

The show runs from 10am to 5pm Saturday June 29 and  Sunday June 30.

In addition to Paul Waddell, there is a great line up of speakers and workshops on subjects ranging from making delicious organic food and drinks (with options for vegetarians and omnivores) to electric cars and home renovation and construction.  More details may be seen here:


CORENA fund – Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc.

solar-thermalWe don’t need to just wait on government action. We can get on with the job ourselves right now! We are seeking donations to finance solar and similar projects. Electricity sales and loan repayments from completed projects will finance future projects, thus continuously recycling your donation. It is people power reaching far into the future. Please donate to either the ambitious Big Project, or a quick Small Project, or both!

1995 ~ The Net (Trailer)

You’re fine if you’ve done nothing wrong … honest …

Nestle’s Wet Dream: They Mark Up Water 53 MILLION Percent

water-scarcity-india-africa-water-neutrality-coca-colaThe directors of Nestle must be breathing a sigh of relief as the world targets Monsanto with a barrage of negative publicity, global protests, and grassroots campaigns. While we’re all distracted by Monsanto’s GMO corruption of the food supply, Nestle is taking steps to profit off of the natural world with patents on breast milk and medicinal plants, and the privatization of water,and giving the seed company a run for the title of The Most Evil Corporation in the World.


Fonterra collecting milk in Taranaki farms that are disposal sites for contaminated waste from oil and gas industry, including fracking chemicals.

frackingreportTurns out that Fonterra has been collecting milk in Taranaki from farms that are disposal sites for contaminated waste from oil and gas industry, including fracking chemicals. The waste is spread out and covered, then cows are grazed on it. This is incredibly stupid and irresponsible. Stupid because the whole brand is built on clean green and safe, and irresponsible because parents feed their kids the infant formula made from this milk. It also points to the short sightedness of those who want to have a radical and largely unregulated expansion ofthe oil industry.


Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide—Featuring the Darth Vader Chemical

Dirty Doings in Christchurch


The image bespeaks of the current game plan .. we must remember that Mossad were here in Christchurch at the time of the Earthquake .. and this under suspicious circumstances .. i.e. Israel obviously had foreknowledge but the subsequent bungling as some Israeli,s died was appalling ..

The incident where the search team stated .. the bodies were exactly where we thought they would be .. well yes Mossad .. of course Mossad .. GPS Mossad GPS .. and then we had the extraordinary story of the families of the victims hiring this search team which given all the expenses to fly such a team in would have involved a lot of shekels .. say circa $500,000 NZ ..

All the parents had to do was to contact the NZ Police who would have speedily located the bodies and this for free .. and I would hasten to suggest that would be the actions of the man in the street .. but no we have all of the extra time involved not to mention horrific expense and the subsequent verbal abuse of New Zealand by this so called  search xpert.

There are many more questions that will need to be asked .. but what is known is that an Israeli morgue team had access to the police computer .. so what did they do .. Nothing ? .. plant a trojan ? .. suck the data base dry ? ..

more to follow and would be grateful for any helpful input.


Fracking Truck Sets Off Radiation Alarm At Landfill


A truck carrying drill cuttings from a hydraulic fracturing pad in the Marcellus Shale was rejected by a Pennsylvania landfill Friday after it set off a radiation alarm, according to published reports. The truck was emitting gamma radiation from radium 226 at almost ten times the level permitted at the landfill.