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A Compilation Of Key Monitoring Stations In Support Of Situational Awareness Initiative

A handy dandy self-help reference for a wide range of condition monitoring stations including EQ, Radiation, Solar Activity, Jet Stream and many many more

can be found here


UNCENSORED UK Publisher and world-renowned political wisdom author and lecturer Ian R Crane has been traveling the length and breadth of the UK speaking out against this highly dangerous and ecologically destructive oil industry practice. Fracking contaminates ground water, surface vegetation and even the air itself. Watch him now, and take action before it’s too late for your community or country. – Jon Eisen

EMR pollution expert to talk at Green Living Show June 30

SafeSpace LogoPaul Waddell, who runs the business SafeSpace which assesses EMR pollution in homes and other environments (and gives advice on remediation) will be giving a talk and demonstration  at the Green Living Show at 3 pm on Sunday June 30.

The show will be held at the ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane West, Greenlane, Auckland, New Zealand.

The show runs from 10am to 5pm Saturday June 29 and  Sunday June 30.

In addition to Paul Waddell, there is a great line up of speakers and workshops on subjects ranging from making delicious organic food and drinks (with options for vegetarians and omnivores) to electric cars and home renovation and construction.  More details may be seen here:


CORENA fund – Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc.

solar-thermalWe don’t need to just wait on government action. We can get on with the job ourselves right now! We are seeking donations to finance solar and similar projects. Electricity sales and loan repayments from completed projects will finance future projects, thus continuously recycling your donation. It is people power reaching far into the future. Please donate to either the ambitious Big Project, or a quick Small Project, or both!

1995 ~ The Net (Trailer)

You’re fine if you’ve done nothing wrong … honest …

Nestle’s Wet Dream: They Mark Up Water 53 MILLION Percent

water-scarcity-india-africa-water-neutrality-coca-colaThe directors of Nestle must be breathing a sigh of relief as the world targets Monsanto with a barrage of negative publicity, global protests, and grassroots campaigns. While we’re all distracted by Monsanto’s GMO corruption of the food supply, Nestle is taking steps to profit off of the natural world with patents on breast milk and medicinal plants, and the privatization of water,and giving the seed company a run for the title of The Most Evil Corporation in the World.


Fonterra collecting milk in Taranaki farms that are disposal sites for contaminated waste from oil and gas industry, including fracking chemicals.

frackingreportTurns out that Fonterra has been collecting milk in Taranaki from farms that are disposal sites for contaminated waste from oil and gas industry, including fracking chemicals. The waste is spread out and covered, then cows are grazed on it. This is incredibly stupid and irresponsible. Stupid because the whole brand is built on clean green and safe, and irresponsible because parents feed their kids the infant formula made from this milk. It also points to the short sightedness of those who want to have a radical and largely unregulated expansion ofthe oil industry.


Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide—Featuring the Darth Vader Chemical