Big Tobacco Lies Now Recycles as Vaccine Industry Lies

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SHOCKING: Autism 1 In 68! Big Pharma MASS DEATH

The total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year.
It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.

Editors of UNCENSORED and The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine to Speak at WellFest on October 5th, 6th

wellfest - logo rework - june 13 900pxThe WellFest health expo will take place in Auckland on  October 5-6 from 10 am to 5 pm. Entry is $10 for adults and children under 12 years are free.

The venue for the event is the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau.  The address of the venue and a map can be accessed through this link:

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine will be represented at the WellFest Auckland by our advertising manager Pip Oxlade and by the editors, Jonathan Eisen and Katherine Smith.

Katherine will be speaking at 4 pm in Seminar Room 1 at 4pm on Saturday October 5th, on  how to make an informed decision about vaccination, while Jonathan will be giving his presentation “How not to let the bastards grind you down” at 4 pm in Seminar Room 2 on Saturday, October 5th..   These talks will be repeated in the same rooms respectively on Sunday October 6th.

Pip Oxlade, who is not only the advertising manager for The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine but a well-known health professional in her own right, having begun her career as a nurse and midwife, before developing her abilities as an intuitive healer, will also speak at WellFest. She will be speaking on Saturday in Seminar Room 3 at 3.45 pm.

There is also a great line up of other speakers, some of whom are contributors to the journal, including Kirsten Taylor ND (who will share her expertise in how to get a good night’s sleep in Seminar Room 1 at 12 noon on Saturday and at 1 pm on Sunday) and electropollution expert Paul Waddell (who will give a lecture and demonstration of common sources of electropollution and how to minimise these to ensure a healthier environment) at 2pm in Seminar Room 1 on Saturday.  For more details see:

All lectures and seminars are covered in the entry fee; there is no additional charge.

The website for the event is

Unprecedented Fluoride Discussion On Irish Mainstream T.V.

MOH Fluoride Video – Deleted Comments Exposed

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 12.13.57 AMFluoride free Auckland: Action
July 14 – The Ministry of Health (NZ) released a fluoride propaganda video:

July 22 – The video receives wave after wave of comments labelling this video as “Slick Shameless Propaganda” and “Lies”

July 23 – The Ministry of Health deletes all comments on the video.

Today – We provide you with all the comments that were deleted!

Click below to view the full 20 pages of comments that YOU wrote and that the Ministry of Health DON’T want YOU to see.!AMNSHD5Z!JXB-_nFdp-rejSsGjPhN8ST9jjYvvrjOlfelwYRBq0s

DHB – Fluoride re-visited

Hepatitis B Vaccine Discontinued In Vietnam After Three Newborn Babies Die

Fmother-childamilies of three babies who died shortly after receiving their routine hepatitis B vaccine are mourning the loss of their children. The babies, vaccinated in Vietnam under the country’s National Expanded Program on Immunization, died on July 20 in the central province of Quang Tri, according to the report.


Fluoride: Public Meetings in Auckland July 16-19

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A series of public meeting on the issue of water fluoridation will be held in Auckland on July 16-19.

The meeting dates  and venues are as follows:

East Auckland

Tuesday 16th July  at 7 pm

The Auditorium, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts 13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga.

West Auckland 

Wednesday 17th July at 6.45 pm

Henderson Valley School, 389 Henderson Valley Road,Henderson

Central Auckland

Thursday 18th July 2013 at 7 pm

Jubilee Hall, 545 Parnell Road, Auckland

North Shore

Friday 19th July 2013 at 7.30pm

32 Clarence Street, Devonport, North Shore, City

The meetings will feature presentations by guest speakers from the medical and dental professions.

For more information on the meetings please visit

For more information on the fluoride issue in general please visit