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Bill Hicks – American

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The official ‘redband’ trailer for American The Bill Hicks Story www.americanthemovie.com
This groundbreaking new documentary uses a stunning new animation technique to tell the story of the modern cultural icon Bill Hicks.
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Flashback: Expanded Anti-Terror Squad to Silence Dissent In New Zealand

From Scoop.co.nz pressure3

Artwork by Brocke Lever

Media Release: Expanded anti-terror squad to silence dissent
“It has been reported that the Army is seeking to expand the Counter Terrorist Tactical Assault Group (CTTAG) based on what they say is ‘a surge in the global war on terrorism’. Yet what they really want is more soldiers for internal ‘terrorism threats’. What are these internal threats? These units have been and will continue to exist to crush domestic political dissent as demonstrated by the police Operation 8 of October 15th 2007” said Justice NOW! Spokeswoman Sally Darity.

For the rest of the article, go to Scoop.co.nz here.

G20 Protest Videos: Growing Catalogue of evidence against police

How are the police being trained and why are they being trained to treat the public as an enemy?


Watch a collection of videos passed to the Guardian that appear to show police using excessive force against G20 protesters

In the fortnight since the G20 protests in London, the Guardian has received video footage from a number of people that appears to show police using excessive force or questionable tactics in dealing with demonstrators and the press.

The best-known video was sent by a New York fund manager early last week. It shows Ian Tomlinson, who was attempting to return home on the evening of the first day’s protests, on 1 April, being pushed to the ground by a police officer.

Here is a list of the footage received over this period, displayed in chronological order according to when the events took place. The Guardian is passing newly obtained footage to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, with the permission of those who shot the films.

For the rest of the article and working links, go here.

Artwork by Brocke Lever


Agent Provocateur Riots Commence in London at G20

There have been cases of people who work for government dressing up as protesters and trying to cause serious trouble amidst a peaceful protest, which is then used as an excuse for the police to become heavy-handed with the peaceful protesters.  It is a dirty trick and seems to be happening before the G20 meetings.

Kurt Nimmo
April 1, 2009

It looks like the agents provocateurs — otherwise known as anarchists — are having their way in London as the G20 commences. From a blog covering the protests posted at the Guardian:

The “hardcore” protesters have broken through police lines and have made their way to an unboarded HSBC branch on Queen Victoria Street, says Guardian reporter Paul Lewis. An anarchist flag has been raised on an office block opposite the branch, he adds. The Press Association reported a fight on the same street between two men — one wearing a suit — which was broken up by police.

Smashing up banks and beating up guys in suits will do nothing to stop the bankers from looting the wealth of billions of people and engineering the collapse of the world economy in order to usher in their world “super-currency” and world government.

As the photo here shows, the “anarchists” are grist for the corporate media. One lone “anarchist” takes out a bank window while dozens of cameras whirl and click to catch the action.

It’s all an orchestrated sideshow to the G20 criminal confab designed to discredit legitimate protests. There is little coverage of the actual protesters as the corporate media rushes to photograph agents provocateurs smashing windows at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Guardian comments on the fact the “anarchists” and the corporate media are working with the state in order to discredit legitimate protest:

On Twitter, Snufkin21 says Stop the War protesters booed the media present “for hyping up the G20 violence”. The huge media presence has been criticized by a number of people on Twitter who believe it’s encouraged extreme elements to “play to the gallery”.

George Monbiot offers a blog entry on the cops and their “force majeure” at the summit:

The trouble-makers are out in force again. Dressed in black, their faces partly obscured, some of them appear to be interested only in violent confrontation. It’s almost as if they are deliberately raising the temperature, pushing and pushing until a fight kicks off. But this isn’t some disorganized rabble: these people were bussed in and are plainly acting in concert. There’s another dead giveaway. They are all wearing the same slogan: Police.

The cops “have a powerful interest in exaggerating threats and, perhaps, an interest in ensuring that sometimes these threats materialize,” writes Monbiot. “This could explain what I’ve seen at one protest after another, where peaceful demonstrations turn into ugly rucks only when the police attack. The wildly disproportionate and unnecessary violence I’ve sometimes seen the police deploy could scarcely be better designed to provoke a reaction.”

This “powerful interest in exaggerating threats” serves the bankers and their minions now gathered in London. It is critical they completely discredit the opposition and have their handmaiden media tool portray the legitimate opposition as crazed and violent anarchists.

It is basically a “strategy of tension” of the sort used by the Italian Gladio operation, designed to blame murderous violence on leftists. In Italy, this strategy worked like a charm as large numbers of Italians fell for the bait and blamed socialists and communists for the violence.

The staged violence will give the British state an excuse to further limit civil liberties and arrest activists, especially now as sincere and legitimate demonstrators and activists are beginning to organize in opposition to the largest and most audacious bankster rip-off in recorded history.

UK Police “Anti-Terrorist” Posters-If You Have Chemical Bottles Or Look at CCTV Cameras You Could Be a Terrorist

See the two police posters at this link which show the UK government is in the process of creating a “snitch” society.  One shows a picture of a household rubbish bin with a chemical bottle in the top with the caption: “These chemicals won’t be used in a bomb because the neighbour reported the dumped containers.”  The second bears the caption: “A bomb won’t go off here because a shopper reported someone studying the CCTV cameras.”   It looks as if Big Brother is moving into high gear. On top of this the UK’s Mail Online reported on March the 23rd  that 60,000 civilians are to get lessons in “how to spot terrorists”.


7/7 Bombings Final Word: Her Majesty’s Terrorist Network

7/7 Ripple Effect, a documentary which examines the evidence from the 7/7 London bomb attacks in detail.

‘Environmental volunteers’ will be encouraged to spy on their neighbours

Terror Expert: London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset

‘Terrorstorm- A History of Government-Sponsored Terror’ by Alex Jones

Obama considers expanding Afghan security force to 400,000

Wasn’t this invasion of Afghanistan initially officially started because of 9/11?  How many people does it take to find Osama bin Laden?

Yahoo Newsimages3

The administration’s goal of a 400,000-strong Afghan security force is more than three times the size that U.S. officials believed would be adequate for Afghanistan in 2002, when the Taliban and Al Qaeda appeared to have been routed, the report said.

Full article go here.


MUST SEE:  New  ‘The Obama Deception’ by Alex Jones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw

And the Historic Interview Alex Jones had with Aaron Russo regarding his conversations with Nick Rockefeller.  Russo told Jones that Rockefeller of the banking dynasty told him 11 months prior to 9/11 there would be “an event” that would be used as an excuse to invade Afghanistan.   The full 69 minutes interview is here:



From the Citizens Commission on Human Rights

November 4th 2008

Auckland mother Maria Bradshaw revealed that the Police will be referring the case of the death of her son, Toran Henry, to Crown Law for possible manslaughter charges.

In a moving speech at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights exhibition opening at the ASB Showgrounds on the weekend, Ms Bradshaw said it was, “a small win in a hard battle to bring out the truth of Toran’s death.” Ms Bradshaw has fought with mental health officials since her 17-year-old son took his life while he was on antidepressants in March this year. Ms Bradshaw claims the level of care for her son was negligent and irresponsible and that he never should have been prescribed antidepressants at such a young age. She also claims the psychiatric doctor stated Toran would be able cease taking the drugs to drink alcohol on the weekends and resume taking them afterwards.

In her talk that was given at the opening of an exhibition displaying the horrors of psychiatric abuse she said her son had been upset at the break-up with his girlfriend and that he fell victim to the psychiatric system of drugging people for ordinary life problems. She claimed she was threatened to have her son taken off her if she did not go along with the antidepressant treatment, which she opposed.

The Police referral to have Crown Law examine the case for possible manslaughter charges comes on the heels of a damning yet-to-be-published external report into the mental health care surrounding Toran Henry’s death.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights director, Mr Steve Green cited another case where the United Kingdom Police levelled manslaughter charges against a psychiatrist, Dr Peter Fisher, the NZ psychiatrist who was involved in three deaths including the case where psychiatric patient, Mark Burton broke into his mother’s home and stabbed her to death the day after Fisher had discharged him. Dr Fisher moved to England, where he practiced illegally. UK police became involved due to negligence over the suicide of one of his patients who overdosed on painkillers.

“Serious adverse events from psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants are well known by doctors. International warnings have been published around suicide in under-18-year olds, including New Zealand’s own Medsafe,” Mr Green said.

Mr Green believes strong measures need to be taken to prevent future deaths by suicide by people on psychotropic medication. The United States has now recorded that half of their suicides are committed by people on antidepressants, a worrying trend he doesn’t want in New Zealand.


Maria Bradshaw, mother of 17-year-old Toran Henry leant her weight behind the psychiatric labelling and drugging campaign, by travelling to Auckland especially to be a guest speaker. Amongst other things, she spoke out against the complete lack of objective medical tests in mental health, which ended with her son being prescribed an antidepressant and taking his own life earlier this year.

CCHR’s director, Mr Steve Green says the psychiatric abuse of human rights is worst when it is directed at kids, such as the Children of Lake Alice, which the Commission exposed in the mid 1970s. Current day psychiatric abuse of children are the powerful methamphetamine-based stimulants, anti-psychotics and anti-depressants administered for conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which he says was literally voted into existence.

In this country the use of anti-depressants for teenagers is very controversial with claims of how they cause suicidal behaviour,” he said. The Ministry of Health has issued advice to doctors and is requiring warnings on all antidepressants to indicate possible increased suicide risk and the need to closely monitor patients with depression, particularly young persons.

The Commission is now working on cases where young people have committed suicide while in mental health care and assisting families through the complaint processes. Suicide is a big issue; according to the Chief Coroner, 511 suicides were reported in the year ended in June, surpassing road deaths.

“One is too many, these are devastating events that are generally ignored, until it happens to your family or a close friend, when it is too late. This is why the Commission is now working on this level and holding public exhibitions, to help educate people – information empowers people and this is vital,” Mr Green said.

The display highlights the absolute need to reform key areas of mental health treatment,” Green says and he cites the continued use of electric shock as well as the many abuses that have occurred within New Zealand psychiatry, like electric shocking children in the 1970s, the experimental use of deep sleep treatment and electro leucotomies on women in Nelson in the 1950s.

The 40-metre exhibition presents the often-brutal history of psychiatry in a series of panels and videos documenting over a century of human rights abuses around the world. Over 150 experts in medicine, law, psychiatry, education, etc were interviewed. The documentary comes with a warning however as no punches are pulled: it has an R-18 certificate.

CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus from the State University of New York Health Science Center in Syracuse. As an international mental health watchdog they have successfully achieved hundreds of legislative protections against psychiatric abuse.

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Contact information:

Steve Green

Executive Director

Citizens Commission on Human Rights