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These sweeteners 950 and 951 are now used in the new Coca Cola Zero Sugar beverage.

The marketing decision of giving consumers ” A Great Taste” without the sugar input. There has been a lot of anti around sugar lately and the bottlers of Coca Cola have been under the spot light in NZ for the amount of Sugar in Coca Cola.

951 Aspartame is not new and is used world wide in approx 5000 to 6000 products. It is also used in Diet Coke. Generally used in products that are sugar free. There is a lot of negative press re this 951 eg literature that I have, published 2002, says that 951 accounts for over 75% of adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration )
In addition this literature lists under Potential Health Effects : Cancer, asthma, MS like symptons, headache, hyperactivity, fatigue,anxiety, dizziness, migraine, memory loss, depression, insomnia, irritability, impotence, epilepsy, blindness,diabetes, neuralgia, seizures,plus many others.

950 Acesulphame Potassium Acesulphame K is also used as an artificial sweetener, doesn’t seem to have as much negative press as Aspartame but Potential Heath Effects advise: May increase levels of cholestrol in blood, caused cancer and tumours in animals.

There are at least 4 US Court Cases lodged in 2004 fighting against Aspartame.
Search Google for Aspartame – there is no shortage of adverse publicity.

So the above is given as information,
but my Question is: does anyone have knowledge of what countries have banned the use of 951 Aspartame.
I understand that some countries have and I would like to get this information.
Thanks, Ian Cambourne


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  1. Used in Pepsi Max Lime in Australia, also believe these are used in zero sugar sports drinks like Powerade

  2. i have a heart condition and cannot have potassium. these sweetners contain potassium.
    i will try something else.

  3. Nobody has answered the OP question, which is, which countries have banned Aspartame and acesulphate? I searched… And couldn’t find the answer other than to say that there have been many attempts and many failures.
    I think maybe Japan.

  4. Re Stevia…sounds like the best thing.
    Stevia is perhaps unique among food ingredients because it’s most valued for what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t add calories. Unlike other sugar substitutes, stevia is derived from a plant.

    The stevia plant is part of the Asteraceae family, related to the daisy and ragweed. Several stevia species called “candyleaf” are native to New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

    But the prized species, Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni), grows in Paraguay and Brazil, where people have used leaves from the stevia bush to sweeten food for hundreds of years. In traditional medicine in these regions, stevia also served as a treatment for burns, colic, stomach problems and sometimes as a contraceptive.

  5. I have suffered all of the below trying to stop diabetes affecting me due to family problems
    headache, hyperactivity, fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, migraine, memory loss, depression, insomnia, irritability, So don’t eat any sort of sweetners I say

  6. I’ve cut right back on soft drink. For years I was blindly drinking Coke, because it tasted good & gave me a pick up I needed while studying or during the day at work. FF a few years & I started cutting it out. I’ve only just now decided to look up what those coded numbers are & boy do I wish I knew sooner! I seem to constantly have headaches of varying degrees. Also suffer from a number of other ‘side effect/symptoms’ I’ve slowly been poisoning myself unknowingly.

    I know that nothing GOOD comes in a soft drink, but I also never realised just how bad they were. When I was younger I just thought it was “old people having their say on nonsense” just relaying did bits they’d heard along the way. I know a few overly opinionated older people so tend to ignore them & their opinions because they just force them on you uninvited. I kinda wish I looked into this sooner, because I’d love to NOT have constant headaches & strange dizziness. I don’t drink anywhere near as much coke/pepsi as I used to & have cut back on most other soft drinks as well. I bought a soda stream because their syrups are lower in sugar & contain NO aspartame. It’s still not the healthier drink, but it’s far better than cracking a coke every time i feel like one.

    Everything in moderation, just not aspartame thanks! I’m surprised they can get away with listing is as a number not the actual name. DODGY JERKS!

  7. I have read the Effects that 951 and 950 could have with people, so why is this allowed in our food and drinks, is it better i wonder to have small amount of suger drinks,? or just have water?

    1. Murray, I think personally the problem is that people aren’t being educated about the dangers, so they don’t complain. Coke Zero sells well, so they keep supplying it. Coke started selling the much better stevia based Coke Life product, but I don’t believe buyers understood the difference. I think the marketing was lacking in consumer education.
      As to why it’s allowed, well, we allow a lot of things in our culture and society, because we supposedly value our freedom to choose. We allow cigarettes and alcohol too, and people use these things in the full knowledge of the potential harm involved.
      I think we all know that real fruit juice and water (preferably unfluoridated) are the best choices, but sometimes we enjoy a sweet treat, its a case of common sense and moderation I reckon.

  8. Have been addicted to Pepsi max for many years I’m 72 years of age and now finally off it. Just thought I would look up artificial sweeteners nos. 950 and 951 which I took from a bottle friend left here. So here I am on this site and horrified to read this despite makers of Pepsi posting that they no longer use aspartame in their products. So are they now using a mixture of the two? I had been going to doctors over some months with weird symptoms for which he had no answers. They appear in your list. No I’m pretty sure they have not been a figment of my imagination. The dizziness has been the worst but now I am not experiencing it as much since giving the Pepsi Max away.

  9. Hi all, have a look at this new research broadcast at BBC recently in the series Trust me I’m a doctor.
    Very shocking results.

    “Although our study, and the one that preceded it, were both on small numbers of people, the consistent results – alongside the results found previously in mice – certainly suggest that saccharin is bad for some people, whilst we have no evidence that stevia is. The people whom saccharin tends to affect seem to be those with a specific gut bacteria composition, but there is no easy way to find out whether you are one of those people or not, so overall our advice has to be to avoid saccharin. The evidence in mice is that aspartame and sucralose may have a similar effect, but ours are the only results for stevia and they do not show a negative effect, so if you are looking for a sugar alternative then at the moment, stevia seems most likely to be the best out there. On the back of packaging it is sometimes called ‘steviol glycosides’, which are the sweet-tasting compounds in the Stevia plant.”

  10. Coke Life has stevia in it and tastes fine on the other hand coke zero has sweeteners 951 and 950 which I dislike. I’d like to see coke zero with all stevia.

  11. ALDI are selling a drink identical to Jarrah in Australia, sweetened with 950 and 951, with no labelling that it contains phenylketonetics (which I thought was law).

    Turns to formaldehyde in the brain. It is Science.

  12. Having read the websites of and European Food agency, the only evidence sweetener 951 may be harmful is when taken in very large amounts and there is NO evidence it causes cancer nor any brain damage.

  13. As an aside, I was shopping with the wife in Aldi today and pick up a packet of Sweeteners. I looked on the back and noted the prime ingredient was ‘Sweetener [951]’. Who would have guessed a sugar substitute comprised sweetener – all of which was Aspartame!

  14. Coca cola zero has both 951 and 950 in this product made in NZ. That so sucks! I won’t be drinking this again!

  15. Don’t be fooled by “natural sugar” either!! Fruit is full of it!.. I have spoken to many health professionals, naturopaths etc over a 20 year period and they all agree; limit your fruit intake and definitely DO NOT juice it!! I am a diabetic and have managed to get my BGL’s almost back to normal just with the reduction of 3-4 pieces of fruit per day to only one!.. And defiantly no 950 or 951!!

  16. Well aint that just dandy….. Your allegation of potential corporate bribary… That door can sure swings both ways can’t it? This thread is completely non scientific with no corrobrative support literature is is no more than a beat up on Coca Cola Corp. im not bribed by them, im not employed by them, i do drink it as it has less immediate health impct on me than having sugar poured into by the cup. Its really guys and gals, if you dont like it then try tasteless water, its called choice and its all yours and cant be taken away.

    1. Finally. Someone who understands scientific debate and facts. How about people search for example google scholar to get some actual scientific reported data that’s backed up and accepted in the scientific community. Sunrise isn’t a form of this nor 60 minutes. You can find both positive and negative for everything on the net and btw for those people who say nothing good comes from coca cola brand. Mount franklin water is produced by this company.

      1. the creeks, streams and waterfalls of Springbrook National Park that coca cola are draining dry to produce mount franklin water don’t seem to be doing to well .The residents that live near, don’t think Mount Franklin water is so great either.

  17. I’ve been using 950 and 951 intravenously now for 3 years with absolutely no serious side effects! Life is sweet as bro!

  18. Well it is approved by the FDA, so it should be OK. Of course the developers of Aspartamine had to get their CEO to head the FDA before it was passed( after several failed attempts) the developers who also developed Agent Orange assure us it is safe. Anyway, why shouldn’t the bio-weapons industry also make our foodstuffs? It is very sweet because it is made from the excrement of a bacteria, yum yum get some.

  19. problems arise from incentives, in achient china doctors were payed every day when you were not sick, its only when you became sick that their pay would be stopped, ensuring that they were insentifized to find cures for all ills, unlike our system which incentifizes them to profit from increasing illness and side effects with medicens creating a closed loop of profit and evil, sickness and death. food companies-owned by rothchild banks whom own everything else too, but for rome/babalon, chartered by the black popes.

    solution, get right with yourself, wake the funk up, let truth be herd, peacfuly come together and remove the debt money, demand the technology embargo be ended, remove the control grid and their enforcers peacfully, let the abundance and prosprety be enjoyed by all respectifuly in love.

  20. well folks get ready 4 a whole lot more, this year will see a heavy push across the world to “tackel the obesity problem”-artificialy created by decreacing nutrition content in food and increasing toxicisity in food- net result is an over consumption of food and obesity, of cource other factors are included, but no free steak knives, manufactures will be dropping the natural sugar content by up to 100%, replacing with artificial sweat poision,

    an alternative i use for sweet drinks is squeesing half a organic orange into a couple of litres of un floridated water, weight loss aint easy, it takes a commitment by you, but if you cut out all snacks except raw fruit and a few nuts n seeds and switch to 1 heathly meal a day you WILL LOSE WEIGHT, especilly if you do more exercise too. there was a study done reciently were 30 type2 dibetics were sent to a fat camp for a month and all cured their ailment using diet alone, (drug companies/government WILL NOT ALLOW CURES FOR ANYTHING, do the math/money), but on return to their homes all but 2 went back to their poision diets.

    its a herculiean up hill battle with the crass nature of humanity through the quantum holographic rabbit hole alice……. 🙂

  21. On further inspection i found that the diet lemon Cordial i’ve been drinking & made by the Australian company Bickfords also contains the additive 951 as sugar supplement.

  22. Anyone claiming these artificial sweeteners are okay didn’t see the Australian 60 minutes episode. They reamed Monsanto, (the evil mega corporation who created Nutrasweet)! They exposed the fact that in their production research they had lab rats who died from the stuff (predominance of brain tumors) who died on for example,day 208, and then were mysteriously resurrected from the died on day 332, before the end of the study. Don’t kid yourself!!!

  23. It is also used in Schweppes sugar free lemonade. taste is nice but have just looked up side effects and very interesting indeed.

      1. BULA>>>I have used Stevia 4 some time now and forget sugar,Stevia comes in powder and licquit
        am using both//
        Paul K

  24. Like so many 951 and 950 has meant nothing to me before, Now with lots of medical issues and a friend pointing me in the right direction about artificial sweeteners. I have totally weaned myself of the addicted Diet Coke, Equal and anything that contains these sweetener. Always trying to loose weight LOL. 2 months on I’m loosing weight without doing anything much but I do feel so much better in myself no night cramps in my legs and after having 2 knee replacements done several years ago I can say I walk without pain. When I spoke to my doctor he said we are the Captains of our body just like a ship. steer it in the right direction and you’ll get to see many a sunset,It doesn’t cost anything to give it a go and read labels.

  25. Does anyone really think anything that comes out of coca cola is good for you. It’s comparable to McDonalds. Come on get real people. Millions on people consume 950&951. There is bound to be some people that may react to this. It’s how we live now !!! We creat our own world.. And keep Doctors rich.!

  26. I have just started drinking Coke Zero as of 2-3 weeks ago, no mention of Stevia only sweetners 951 & 950
    The date today is 27/08/13. I am trying to cut sugar out of my diet, I usually drink coffe about 6-7 a day with 3 sugars in each one. I have tried equal with stevia but didn’t like the taste.

  27. I have been using 951 artificial sweetners moat of my adult life I have thought Ki was going crazy the amount of symptoms I have is unbelievable my daughter sent me an artical today on the toxic poison in pepsi max due to 951 I have struggled woith my weight all my life maybe niw I can start living a healthier life I will be reading all lables from niw on

  28. Whoa!!
    Well now if that’s what the ‘factual’ and ‘impartial’ Cancer WA website says then I guess we can just rest our silly, paranoid minds easy then ay? NOT!!!!!!

  29. maybe you guys should all refer to a factual, impartial website rather than taking anecdotes and Sunrise tabloid-style stories as given. My wife and 2 of my kids have severe food intolerances, so we check everything. I just checked the sweeteners in Schweppes Diet Tonic Water: 950 – Aspartame. 951 – Acesulphame Potassium.

    Go to the Cancer WA website where they give an excellent appraisal of these & other sweeteners. As much as I dislike the Coca Cola Corporation and their tactics, it seems your crusade against these sweeteners may be more mythological than factual…

    1. Wallaby…. don’t be so naïve….. wouldn’t you say anything if cash donations were given to you from large companies using these products.

      1. Especially as most scientific research is paid for by big corporations that will get 1 scientist out of 100 to agree with the big companies product.

  30. How on earth do they get away with this ?
    surely the food authorities can do something about it, or is it more of a political decision ?

  31. Neil, June 30th was the first media announcement I heard on the subject (see posted link on that date).
    Maybe a time-traveller placed the can with Stevia on it to see if anyone noticed!? Well…anything’s possible….right?

  32. I started drinking Coke Zero back in February and distinctly remember the can saying it was sweetened with Stevia. However I’ve been in Europe for 2+ months and their Coke Zero didn’t say “stevia”, so I’ve just checked the new CZ I bought today at the supermarket in Auckland, and now there’s no mention of stevia on this batch. Just 950 and 951. Anyone else remember Coke Zero with “stevia” as the sweetener, or is my mind going? 😉

  33. I have been drinking if n9ot 1-2 bottle os 300ml of diet ginerale daly as in nutrition info it is all 0. afterwatching sunrise today I have now looked up 951 and will not be touching it again thankyou Sunrise.

  34. I have been drinking if n9ot 1-2 bottle os 300ml of diet ginerale daly as in nutrition info it is all 0. afterwatching sunrise today I have now looked up 951 and will not be touching it again thankyou Sunrise.

  35. I have just read the label on my bottle of Schweppes sparkling diet lemonade and the sweeteners used are both 951 and 950. Interesting !

  36. Thanks for the input Doug. Will be interesting to follow up on the Coke/Stevia subject and see if it’s “kosher” or not.

  37. Apparently Coca Cola is now switching to Stevia instead of Aspartame. Does anyone have any views on Stevia. Apparently a natural leaf extract? Is it OK?

    1. Stevia has no known bad effects – I grow it and use it but the taste can be quite different to sugar products

      1. but of course anything coca cola does is questionable.. they may modify the stevia in a way that is harmful.. they are great at doing that.

      2. In Asia e.g. (Korea, Thailand) they use Stevia in Diet products and they taste pretty much the same.

      3. hi, Stevia is said to be positive, it feed good stomac bacteria, others can feed the weight management bacteria and others. so low cal sugar can cause weight gain.

      4. I grow Stevia plant in my garden and it is safe for diabetes. Also does taste a little different to sugar. Easy to grow and can blend to liquid and use as supplement for sweetener. Can also dry and use as powder. Woolies sells it as well.

      5. I read the ingredients on my tin of Stevia & although it’s supposed to be Organic Stevia, I found out they add artificial sweeteners in with it, it’s not 100% Stevia.

    2. I have just started using stevia and it takes some getting used to it,however after some days of using it,
      I am happy to use it in place of sugar. U can contact me on 02-66627418 for further info…

    3. OMG if used as is. It is completely NATURAL and is even good for your body. South American Indians have been using it for hundreds of years.

    4. Stevia is an awesome swap out for “refined” sugar. It is also an alkaline which is better for the body all round. (Refined sugar is very acidic and the body needs to keep you blood slightly alkaline at all times, so too much refined sugars strips the alkalinity from the diet, and then the body takes the alkalinity out of your organs opening you up to cancers and other sickness. Research shows that cancers thrives in an acidic situation but can be rendered useless in an akaline rich environment). Rant over, sorry

    5. Refer Michael Moseley: Trust Me I’m A Doctor (TV Programme) Series 4, Ep 2: Stevia is a more natural product than Aspartame. Using aspartame can have a dramatic detrimental effect on blood sugar and increase the blood sugar level over the period of a week. Using stevia does not alter the blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels aren’t raised, that’s facilitating the rest of your hormones to work properly too.

  38. well they do use 951 and 950 in pepsi max in australia, which is what led me to this search in the first place.

    1. Yes, they do use sweeteners 951 (aspartame) and 950 (Acesulphame Potassium Acesulphame K) in pepsi max in australia.

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