GE corn to enter NZ food chain

Bear in mind the New Zealand Food Safety Authority says there is no scientific evidence of any significant harm from a large daily intake of aspartame, which is digested into aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol, which converts into formaldehyde – a deadly neurotoxin used as embalming fluid. Link Can we trust them when they tell us GE corn is safe?

New 2:45PM Thursday December 20, 2007
Genetically-engineered corn has been approved to enter the New Zealand food chain.

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority today gave the green light for high lysine corn to be imported and sold.

“This corn is used as an animal feed, but it has had its safety assessed as if for human consumption,” said NZFSA director Carole Inkster.

“Food containing this GM variety can now be imported and sold in New Zealand, although such products would have to adhere to GM labelling requirements.”

She said high lysine corn has been approved as safe by every country asked to assess it.


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