I write messages on money! Its my own form of social protest! A letter printed on paper noone will destroy! Passed anonomously across endless hands! Providing information to people they would otherwise have no accsess to! i hope that someone oneday will find my message when they really need it! Just like i do! !!!YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE!!! spread the truth via money people!.. money is their greatest weapon. use it against them! !!!Make it valid and credible.. TRUTHS eg websites!!!


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NZ Conference: Mental Health and the Law

Sat Jun 7 , 2008
Anna De Jonge of the Patients Rights Advocacy (Waikato Inc) advises: Our next education day will be Sunday 17 August, 2008. at the Hamilton Garden, Cobham Drive Hamilton. Starting at 9.30 am. We are showing International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology Conference, “The Conscience of Psychiatry” DVDs 2006.

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