Source: More info: What is rarely mentioned is the great global heist of Congo’s resources The deadliest war since Adolf Hitler marched across Europe is starting again – and you are almost certainly carrying a blood-soaked chunk of the slaughter in your pocket. When we glance at the […]

The Voice of the White House – Will US be adopting Chinese-style censorship 30 Oct 2008 Washington, D.C.: “Even as the Bush righwingers are smelling defeat in the air, they are allying themselves with American law enforcement agencies in an attempt to completely censor and control the Internet usage […]

CIA Can Hide Torture Allegations, Court Rules By Ryan Singel 29 Oct 2008 The CIA can hide statements from imprisoned suspected terrorists that the agency tortured them in its set of secret prisons, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, Chief Judge Royce Lamberth of the Washington D.C. Circuit Court declined to […]


SAMPLE LETTER BELOW. EITHER SEND THIS ONE OR WRITE YOUR OWN. SUBMISSIONS TO: ERMA New Zealand PO Box 131 Wellington 6140 Re: Applications GMC07012 to import live animals, sperm, embryos, human and monkey cell- lines, to develop GE animals; GMD08012 for indoor development of GE animals for research, breeding […]


VINCE SIEMER UPDATE! PROTEST OUTSIDE MT EDEN! Monday 20 Oct 3.30 – 5.30pm Following are excerpts from an email sent by Jane Siemer to give an update. Penny Bright (Ph) 09 846 9825 021 211 4 127 ____________________________________________________________ 19 October 2008 Hello everyone, this is Jane Hopefully many of you […]

By Mike Molyneaux 18 Oct 2008 It’s becoming increasingly clear to sober minds that the world is heading slowly towards a global crisis that will stem from over-exploitation and pollution of natural resources, food and energy shortages, famine, disease, toxicity and possibly radiation sickness from nuclear proliferation. Many writers […],21985,24508171-662,00.html Matthew Schulz October 17, 2008 12:00am POWERFUL signals from a secretive naval base are being probed as a possible cause of a Qantas jet plunge last week. Air safety investigators say they will look into claims that signals from the base, used to communicate with US and Australian ships […]

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