American Taxpayers Finance the Taliban


By Henry Makow Ph.D

The Illuminati bankers have to finance both sides of every war, and Afghanistan is no exception. As they have pilfered the US government’s credit card, this means the American tax payer is paying for the Taliban.

And since Barack Obama is sending an additional 68,000 soldiers there, “over the next several years”, this won’t be small Change.

The role of US “leadership” is to shepherd these funds through Congress (i.e. the credit card terminal.) Last week, Hillary Clinton sounded like she was criticizing Pakistan but she was actually campaigning for $7.5 billion in economic aid and $3 billion in military assistance for Pakistan over the next five years. She said this money is needed for more “government services.” No doubt, this includes payment  for providing America with an enemy.

The Illuminati love to hide in plain sight. Just Google “Pakistan Aid to Taliban” and discover what US legislators and media pretend they don’t know. The Taliban is financed, trained and run by Pakistan’s Interservices Intelligence Agency. The ISI is a branch of the CIA, which is run by the Illuminati.

In October 2006, NATO clearly identified the Taliban as an ISI operation:

“NATO is now mapping the entire Taliban support structure in Balochistan, from ISI – run training camps near Quetta to huge ammunition dumps, arrival points for Taliban’s new weapons and meeting places of the shura, or leadership council, in Quetta, which is headed by Mullah Mohammed Omar, the group’s leader since its creation a dozen years ago.

In Panjwai the Taliban had also established a training camp to teach guerrillas how to penetrate Kandahar, a separate camp to train suicide bombers and a full surgical field hospital. Nato estimated the cost of Taliban ammunition stocks at around £2.6 million. “The Taliban could not have done this on their own without the ISI,” said a senior NATO officer.”

This may explain why Pakistan which has an army of 500,000 and a like number of reservists, has shown no appetite for confronting the Taliban. The country is probably run by the ISI.

In August 2008, George W. Bush read the riot act to the Pakistanis (wink, wink):

“President George W Bush confronted Yusuf Raza Gillani, Pakistan’s prime minister, in Washington last week with evidence of involvement by the ISI, its military intelligence, in a deadly attack on the Afghan capital and warned of retaliation if it continues. … Gillani, on his first official US visit since being elected in February, was left in no doubt that the Bush administration had lost patience with the ISI’s alleged double game.”

Paradoxically, the US is using the Taliban as an excuse to fund the Pakistanis! Last week:

“Gen. David Petraeus urged Congress to approve $3 billion in aid to Pakistan for training its troops to fight insurgents in tribal areas. The most important, most pressing threat to the very existence of their country is the threat posed by the internal extremists and groups such as the Taliban and the syndicated extremists,” Petraeus told a House panel Friday. Petraeus is the top U.S. commander overseeing troops in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

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