PROTEST: No NZ SAS Troops to Afghanistan – 12 Noon Saturday 22nd August


[From the Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter]

PROTEST: No SAS Troops to Afghanistan – 12 noon Saturday 22nd August outside Papakura Military Camp, Grove Road, Papakura.

A car convoy will leave from Unite Union office, 6A Western Springs Road, Morningside. Gather at 11am.

Papakura Military Camp is the training base for the Special Air Services (SAS) troops who will be deployed to fight in Afghanistan in three rotations over the next 18 months.

These troops will join the foreign occupation of Afghanistan which has caused so much chaos, death and misery over the past eight years since the US and its western allies invaded the country.

The foreign forces are losing the battle in the country because of a resurgent Taleban who have been joined by all manner of other groups for the common fight against foreign occupation. The occupation has in fact strengthened the Taleban rather than weakened it. At the same time our troops will be propping up a violent, vicious regime led by a US puppet government of Hamed Karzai and comprised of warlords and drug runners.

[Opium Production has skyrocketed under American Occupation.   Ever wondered why?]

This war is being waged in the interests of US foreign policy rather than to fight terror or protect the people of Afghanistan.

The occupation instead is nurturing terrorism.  New Zealand troops have no role in this conflict.

The protest will be calling for the decision to deploy troops to be rescinded.

Please spread the word.

[Why We Fight:

If you still think that this was the work of religious extremists then you are strongly invited to bash your own face hard on the edge of your computer desk each time a New Zealand Soldier comes back home in a bag.

And they will.]

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