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CIA Operatives Convicted for Role in Extraordinary Rendition

November 6, 2009

[ … because kidnapping people – then flying them out of the country to torture them in some hideous, manky gulag in some former Soviet republic is just a -sh*tty- thing to be doing.

End of story. ]


In a landmark case, twenty-three Americans, mostly CIA operatives, have been convicted in Italy for kidnapping a Muslim cleric from the streets of Milan in 2003. They were all tried in absentia after the United States refused to hand them over. The convictions turn them into international fugitives who risk arrest abroad. The case marks the first time any American has been convicted for taking part in a so-called “extraordinary rendition.” We go to Rome to speak with the Italian prosecutor who brought the case, Armando Spataro, and get comment from international law and human rights attorney Scott Horton.



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