[ … and why ?  Because Israel is this century’s Nazi Germany. That’s why. ] January 15, 2010 Jared Malsin, the editor of the English edition of Maan News Agency, has been detained by Israeli authorities. Malsin, a Jewish-American who lives and works in the West Bank, was picked up […]


How do you spell success? No head of state in recent history has been re-elected so many times by such an overwhelming majority of the population as has President Hugo Chávez Frías. [ … not even Bush II ? ] Any national leader in the world “would die for” his […]


One year after his election, Barack Obama’s approval rating is lower at this stage than for any US president since Eisenhower. [ Even Bush II ? ] So why has the optimism surrounding his victory disappeared so suddenly? [ Barack Obama   …   … wanker … ] Every Wednesday […]


Film Review : Avatar, A Humanist Call from Mt. Hollywood by Gilad Atzmon Avatar may well be the biggest anti War film of all time. It stands against everything the West is identified with. It is against greed and capitalism, it is against interventionalism, it is against colonialism and imperialism, it […]