Three Articles On Why Israeli Foreign Policy Is Crap

ARTICLE 1 – “The tide in Britain turns against Israel.

Now it’s time to rid government of Israel’s stooges.”


SYNOPSIS – Gilad Atzmon argues that the odour of British complicity in the
murder of a Hamas official in Dubai by Israeli Mossad agents using UK passports
underlines the urgent need to purge the British government of Israeli agents
and hirelings.

ARTICLE 2 – “Zionism and Nazism:

is there a difference that makes a difference?”


SYNOPSIS – Roger Tucker argues that Zionism and Nazism are “identical
manifestations of the same basic pathology” and that they are “equally
dangerous to the well being of humanity”.

He says that although Zionism ultimately cannot sustain itself,

to be complacent would risk inflicting “immense harm” on humanity.

ARTICLE 3 – “Campus claws : beating Israel lobbyists through debate.”


SYNOPSIS – Paul J. Balles cautions pro-Palestinian activists against simply
shouting down speakers who represent their enemy, arguing that, to win hearts
and minds, they should instead “learn to express themselves well enough to
challenge their adversaries” and they should prepare for and encourage

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