The Truth Is Out There For You To See – But Not Necessarily On YouTube


If it’s anti-zionist or anti-Israel, you can be sure it will be removed.
That is how YouTube operates.
After all, they themselves are controlled by zionists so it seems natural for them to defend (by censorship) anything that is true about Israel today.
If it is pro Israel it is there to stay.
The video presented below has been there for two years.
Normally I would not ‘advertise’ such filth, but this particular video ‘takes the cake’.
They even have the audacity to use cartoons by Carlos Latuff and Benjamin Heine in it, two great artists who are associated with this Blog …. WITHOUT GIVING CREDIT TO THEM.
The way the truth is twisted in this presentation demonstrates the desperate situation zionism is in today, pulling out the ‘Holocaust Card’ as well as many fabricated ones.
The videos that are censored, especially those that deal with the genocide that took place in Gaza recently do not have to rely on lies as this one does.
The truth is there for all to see, but not necessarily on YouTube.
Judge for yourselves the ‘virtues’ of the following…. notice at the end who the video is dedicated to.

The path to Hitler’s “final solution to the Jewish question” has branched and deviated since his death, but it’s fundamental principle remains the same.Antisemitism did not end with WWII, and it’s seen a fresh resurgence in recent years. While some might have you believe that talk of antisemitism is merely a ploy on the part of Jews to divert attention or curry some advantage, the threat it poses cannot be ignored.

In an age of rogue nations armed with WMD, a worldwide Islamic jihad and the resurgence of various hard-left and hard-right militias, how long before someone will successfully enact Hitler’s ‘final solution’?

This video is dedicated to the men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces.



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