All Of This, Planned Before 1871 & It Started In 1872 – With Japan First


The First Puppet Was The Emperor Of Japan & The First Victims Were The …
All of this, planned before 1871, and it started in 1872, with Japan first.
The first puppet was the emperor of Japan and the first victims were the samurai warrior class and feudal system.
Target…..Russia and the Czar.
The globalist targeted the Czar for revenge because he came to the aid of Lincoln to stop an invasion of the US by European forces in between 1861 to 1862.
The United States Masonry members of the day, Jesuits (Vatican), and Illuminati set up the ideology of Communism, Fascism; which thanks to Frank Nicheche, branched off to Nazism (todays New Age Occult Movement).
This was all before the 1870’s.
This was planned in order to set up the wars to follow during the 20th century as orchestrated by the Jesuits, Masons, and Illuminati.
The Zionist comes around later about 1897 and onward.

Now, here we go, Rothschilds funds both Japan and Russia [two different families], to make war.

They would have to befriend them right?
Pull money from Russia, thus causing them to lose in 1904, now WE FUND LENIN to lead a revolt in Russian, 1905 and we screw him as well.
It fails we fund the Bolshevik and our creation, Communism takes off, in 1917, Czar and family finally assassinated, we f und Kerensky and Trotsky as WWI started as planned before 1872.
Now, blame the Jews by the Zionist Jews making it seem the Jews are the instigators.
They set up the Jews by moving them into Ghettos [like the government did the Blacks in the USA], setting them up for use later.

Germany is the next target, so the treaty makes Germany poor.

OH, here comes Rothschilds illegitimate son, Hitler.
So, he is TRAINED AT TRAVISTOCK [formed in 1921], to be the leader of the next preplanned war.
He starts his campaigning.
And in 1928 at the height of party Wall Street funds Hitler FULLY preparing and setting up our Great Depression in order to foment a planned dictatorship in the US by FDR and the organizations by 1933.
Major General Smedley Butler blew the whistle on these plans confirmed by congress and buried in the history books.

In the meantime, WE ARE WORKING WITH YAMAMOTO to set up a war with Japan and will use the 7th fleet as bait to set up Pearl Harbor in the 1930’s Yamamoto goes to Harvard and stays two more years and then returns to Japan to set up WWII as planned by FDR and the war department/State Department.
Pearl Harbor is allowed despite people knowing it was happening and now we are in WWII as planned before 1872 and each generation of Jesuits, Illuminati, Zionist, and Masons have planned 20-40 years ahead.
Now we need to test the Atom Bomb, so lets lie about the Japanese not surrendering as it was a lie, and lets test it on 2 cities making a sacrifice to Satan and to show our power preparing for WWIII.
Now, the secret societies creation of communism can be used for the facade of a Cold War.
Wait, this General Patton wants to go after Communist Russia using Germany, can’t have that.
So, they assassinated General Patton in the Hospital after his set up accident didn’t kill him.
This is a true story.
The operation was called Operation Fiend, 1948 lead by Frank Wisner, SR. [Son, Frank Wisner, Jr. RE: Enron scandal and Bush envoy to the Kosovo Independence early 2000).
Operation was a failed CIA operation and in comes TITO to the rescue who is a Mason by the way.
Yugoslavia is now planned to become.
Lets get rid of those pesky Orthodox Christians in the Balkans.
Now, Lets prepare for WWIII and first they set up Korea and this was another nasty set up by the UN and US State Department by making sure the Free Chinese did not take over communist China.
Oh yes … … WWIII was averted by JFK,
and he was getting in the way so the US Illuminati, Hoover and such with Mafia, CIA murder JFK, RFK, (progressive socialist), MLK, Malcolm X, to establish a quiet coup since WWIII was averted.
Hey, we tried to rush it.
WWIII was planned by Albert Pike before 1872 to take place in the Middle East.
That was averted behind the scenes.
Okay… lets set up WWIII by entering Vietnam and the oil there and defense spending equals profits.
[ and a shitload of dead kids … ]
Oh, now lets provide Russia with the plans to make a glycerol factory in 1967 in order that we can provide the war materials to Russia and they can provide to VC to keep the war moving.
[ -WHAT- ?!? ]
Besides providing war materials to Russia, glycerol was used by VC as a detonator for booby traps accounting for 50% of causalities in the Vietnam War against our own troops.
Vietnam did not cause WWIII as planned.
So we now move into the 1970s, for Nixon to plan our third military coup, there is infighting between the secret societies and the Illuminati Military branch; the USA.
Nixon fails to pull it off and plans to set up WWIII as Pike Planned before 1872, by using Islam now as the fictitious alternate enemy.
By the late 70’s by creating a stir in Afghanistan and luring the Soviets into Afghanistan.
Now, lets also set up Iran, put the Shah in power by hook, he screws up we take him out by using Ayatollah and then we trained SADDAM to take out the Ayatollah, lots going on.  NOW!!!
[ by ‘lots going on’
– do you mean all that guff about how Israel and the US –
– operating as one in foreign policy terms –
want to convince everyone else that we should be bombing Iran ? ]
Milosevic comes to the USA in the late 80’s, to be an understudy as a Banker.
[ … lot’s of free money in banking … ]
CIA gets hold of him trains him to be a politician and sends him back.
[ … lot’s of free money in the CIA … ]
He gets a case of nationalism and here we go …
[ “wow  –  looks like 911 crossed with …  … Gaza, or something” ]
They make up this Al Qaeda thing, and now we chase out Russia and WE TAKE OUR MUJAHADEEN from Afghanistan [10,000 of them] and move them to start our homegrown Jihad, in Croatia and Bosnia.
Target Yugoslavia and Orthodox Christians using Islam.
The CIA worked with Pakistani ISI, Iranian intell, Saudi Intell, and Turkish Intell to set this up during the late 80’s to early 90’s to move the Muhjadeen to Croatia and Bosnia.
This was done for the next planned phase, getting ready for WWIII, the world government, world religion and one currency on the way.
We lie about the Serbian atrocities however the Serbian Red Berets were also on the side of the jesuits and were heavy handed but not like the media made it out to be in order to justify our entrance.
Now you know the rest of the story in a thumbnail sketch …

We take out Saddam, in much the same way, and soon they may sacrifice Obama to start our second Civil War since the Plan to use Civil Rights as the trigger failed in the 1960s’ and WWIII was averted by JFK, RLK [to make way for Nixon], MLK, stopped it.

Fake war on Islam, and Muslims, Christians and even Atheist have the same enemy… Jesuits [Roman Catholic Vatican], Masons, Zionist and Illuminati secret societies.
The infighting has delayed this WWIII several times.
One aversion was in 2007 [Minot to Barksdale the six cruise nukes] …
Yes, Milo was a set up …

When learning the truth about our history you will go through several phases / stages…

First stage is Shock

Second stage is non-belief or denial

Third stage is Acceptance and sick in stomach feeling of sorts

Fourth stage is Depression and fear… (we lose many a good researcher here because they dont have Jesus in their heart)

Fifth stage is Anger

Sixth stage is a desire to fix or to inform.

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  1. This work was work I have done and I appreciate you using it, however, you might want to give my website and work credit for the work you have placed here on this site. You will find the exact wording of this site that I have documented as my work to 2006. However, at least the word is getting out even though plagiarized.

    Tom Gambill 🙂

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