[…] Tom Eley  www.Globalresearch.ca (5) South Africa: When Liberation Means Enslavement by Finian Cunningham  www.Globalresearch.ca (6) Hidden Globalist Agenda behind Mandel’s ANC rise to power by Mike Molyneaux  https://uncensored.co.nz (7) US-NATO “Strategic Concept”: Global Warfare by Rick Rozoff www.Globalresearch.ca (8) The Axis of Greed: The Nature and Structure of the Economic Elite […]

By Mike Molyneaux 18 Oct 2008 https://uncensored.co.nz It’s becoming increasingly clear to sober minds that the world is heading slowly towards a global crisis that will stem from over-exploitation and pollution of natural resources, food and energy shortages, famine, disease, toxicity and possibly radiation sickness from nuclear proliferation. Many writers have […]

By Mike Molyneaux Wikileaks has been instrumental in confirming what many suspected but never knew for sure – those anecdotes about never trusting a politician! Wide and rapid dissemination of sensitive and often damning information by the internet  exposes the level of double-talk, double-standards, mistrust and trickery in international politics. The […]