What Would Happen If Israel Stopped Fighting The World ?


So where did you spend Passover?

Tens of thousands of Israelis were in Sinai.


They ignored the Counter-Terrorism Bureau’s warning, yet returned home safe and sound.

Other Israelis – wait until you hear this – visited Cairo.

I repeat: Cairo!

They too returned tired but happy.

They too did not heed the warnings.

Haaretz’s foreign news editor, for example, went to Egypt with his wife and four small children for the holiday.

He identified himself as an Israeli everywhere he went, and believe it or not, was made to feel welcome.

Other Israelis traveled to other forbidden places all over the globe, including Turkey, and not a hair on their heads was harmed. They’d all had enough of the frightening campaigns.

Unintentionally, this world travel has become a kind of civil protest, a quiet uprising against the terror campaigns, a sort of rebellion that should be encouraged.

In a brainwashed, blind, automatically obedient society, even this is something.

It’s not merely the Israelis’ leisure culture, but the essence of their being.

We are all surrounded by a phalanx of fear agents and dread brokers, suspicion marketers and anxiety propagandists.

An army of generals and analysts, politicians and security specialists, all mobilized for one purpose – to infuse our life with terror.

It’s time to free ourselves of their yoke.

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