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Brasscheck TV : Update on 9/11 ( video )

9/11 was the definitive act of the last ten years.

It gave the federal government “justification” for:


1 :    Launching endless wars in southwest Asia

(already longer and more expensive than World War II)

[ Lets just re-visit that last line again for a second :

‘(already longer and more expensive than World War II)’

OK – moving on … ]

2. :    Restricting personal liberties and creating
a surveillance state to a degree that would have
been unthinkable just ten years ago.



A succinct, up-to-date account of the 9/11 investigation.

Bottom line:

1. The “investigation” was a sham

2. Overwhelming evidence points to the existence of multiple explosions within the buildings

3. The government and mass media continues to push lies about the subject as news and marginalize and demonize investigators

4. The 9/11 demolitions were used as the pretext to invade iraq and Afghanistan with the next stop being and illegal war against Iran

All in all, a pretty sad state of affairs.

The fact the the Oklahoma City bombing cover story was uncritically accepted laid the groundwork for this situation.

Not so coincidentally, immediately after the OKBOMB incident, Congress passed a massive set of new laws restricting personal freedoms.

If 9/11 is not addressed, what will the next atrocity be?

[ not sure – but if it comes, then I’ll be tapeing every damn minute of it ]

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