Report from Bil’in : ’soldiers showed no discrimination with their firing, shooting directly at the faces of the protestors’ by Adam Horowitz on April 23, 2010 Today’s demonstration marked the culminating event in the Fifth Bil’in International Conference for Palestinian Popular Resistance, which began on Wednesday, April 21 with a […]

[ ‘The Lion Hunt’ – 1616 ] On this day in history, 394 years ago – on April 23rd, 1616 to be exact – the two greatest European writers of all time shuffled off this mortal coil. Both were famous for sidestepping or deflating the sacred narratives and windy generalities […]


THE NEW ISSUE OF UNCENSORED DELVES INTO THE VERY REAL QUESTION OF WHETHER OR NOT THE WTC TOWERS WERE NUKED. “Radiation findings were controlled by FEMA, and the Gestapo regime need only scream “national security” to prevent release of such data” “A Brief Summary: WTC Destruction & High Temperature […]

You probably heard about the crash of the airplane that had the entire hierarchy of the Polish government onboard plus the country’s top military command. Very strange for so many important people to be on one plane. Here’s video from the crash site. The story just gets stranger and stranger. […]

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