Open Letter To Dr Nick Smith In Parliament In Wellington


[This is what the New Zealand  parliament looked like before it became a fatter and rounder shape. ]

Dear Nick,

I write with reference to the enclosed article you

[ this one ]

wrote in 2005 in which you outlined the fatal flaws of New Zealand adopting an Emissions Trading System (ETS).

Your language and your reasons why were most compelling and I – amongst many – whole heartily agreed.

WHAT HAPPENED?  How could you now be paddling furiously in the opposite direction and with great urgency?

The ETS is still a ‘lemon’, Nick.

Have you – since writing the column – ever publicly explained to the people of New Zealand your astounding turnaround?

Your sane article, and the fact that you started a blog to express it, must still be in your mind.

You obviously thought that an ETS was a rout, a scam for more government money,

and a way in which Labour would look great on the international stage.

I could go on and repeat more of your written sentiments,

but I won’t.

I am more than disillusioned with you as an honourable representative of the people.

I wrote to you some time ago stating that this whole ETS and carbon credit scam was really a scheme dreamt up by the UN as part of its push for a world government

– without a shred of viable scientific evidence to back it up.

The underlying CO2 charade is equally without foundation.

People like myself have become very disappointed with people in politics who seek political power

– in no time they undo the respect that we automatically give them.

As an observer of your government,

and its spin,

I believe the National Party is showing Labour exactly how deception should be executed.

It has been said that ‘shamelessness is the key to political success’;

also that ‘the capacity for denial is tied to optimism and creates political strength’.

I would like to remind you of your own written conclusion –

‘The only conclusion is that the carbon tax actually has nothing to do with Kyoto or climate change but is just an excuse…’

I write to ask you for a plausible explanation of your focus change,

because I still believe with you that the ETS will be the undoing of the nation.

Yours sincerely,

Raewyn Ewing

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