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‘Unpalatable Truths About Israeli Expansionism’


I always prefer to be accused of “spewing venom” but more to the point, does this mean that I have abandoned my anti-socialist grounding, and my strong anti-communist inclinations, to fester in a fevered swamp?

Hopefully not, for as I suggested in a rebuttal to “The right side”, “Revulsion at the brutal occupation and slaughter of civilians should be a universal human concern, not a matter for the right and left to debate the relative merits of.”

What is being done to the Palestinians is not right, and I don’t have to ooze along ‘dripping slime’ to know that.

And why would people interpret moral and ethical questions on the basis of their political leanings?

What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong, and politics be damned.

Whether one is bombed, shot, or burned alive by white phosphorus in the rubble of Gaza,

knowing whether it is being done by the left or the right is pretty-much immaterial to the victims.

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