SIX LEAVE MINOT MINUS FIVE ARRIVE AT BARKSDALE EQUALS ONE MISSING NUKE. This is the definitive article on the B-52 incident. Most sources get the story only partly right, or only tell part of it – either six leave, or five arrive – and thus do not tell it at […]

Here’s an eye-popping number: A blogger and writer claims American military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan now exceed 500,000. That’s if you count certain injuries and diseases including mental illness that he alleges the Department of Defense doesn’t include in its official combat-related casualty toll in an effort to soften […]

Dan Oakes and Dylan Welch June 29, 2010 – 3:00AM A FORMER Australian ambassador to Israel has accused Prime Minister Julia Gillard of being silent on the “excesses” of Israel, and has questioned why her partner has been given a job by a prominent Israel lobbyist. In a letter to […]