Why Should We Trust The IMF ?

The IMF is shouting about the need for austerity today, but it was strangely quiet during the build-up of the bubble that got us here.


Is advice from the IMF better than advice from a drunk in the street?

That is the question that people around the world should be asking as the International Monetary Fund dishes out its prescription for austerity.

The IMF programme calls for cutbacks in government support for healthcare, pensions, and a wide range of other public services.

It also calls for weakening labour market regulations that provide workers with job security.

These recommendations are being given in a context where the world economy is suffering from a massive shortfall of demand.

In other words, tens of millions of people are unemployed right now because there is not enough spending to keep them employed.

The IMF’s programme is almost certain to reduce spending further leading to even larger shortfalls in demand and more unemployment.

But, the IMF says that we should trust them.

The question we should all be asking is: “why?”

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