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Comedian John Key shocks with Taser Joke

July 7, 2010

Source: https://www.tumeke.blogspot.com/

Comedian John Key has been taking comedy lessons from David Fane, he’s ditched the cannibalism jokes and moved onto taser jokes this week by threatening the All Blacks captain with a tasering if he doesn’t win the Rugby World Cup.

Nelson Mandella is rumoured to have threatened the Springbok Captain with an anally inserted vuvuzela, while Julia Gillard told her Wallabies Captain he would get ‘Kevin Rudded’ if they didn’t win the Rugby World Cup.

Apparently Paula Bennett is keen to see if this taser or carrot policy has any application for Solo Mothers or getting bludgers back to work. TVNZ are interested in a ‘Taser or the Bag’ game show if John Key has any spare time to host it while running the country.

Source: https://www.tumeke.blogspot.com/

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