Politician Does Their Job

[ “There is no purpose for government – except to improve the live’s of the citizens”


Some of those leather chaired legislation-jockeys currently taking up space in Wellington

actually improved your life the other day

merely by pointing out to the populace of this agrarian mini-continent


that food consumers

(i.e. you and everyone you know)

are getting horribly fleeced by large food selling companies.

As anyone who has been visiting supermarkets regularly over the last decade will attest.

These semi-obscene markups continue to eat their way through pay packets and household budgets.

This systemically contributes to a higher crime rate and it also means poorly nourished children.

Naturally, all manner of widget mouthpieces emerged from the woodwork to deny everything ]

Supermarkets deny ‘500 percent mark-up’

Fruit and vegetable growers face ruin because two giant supermarket chains are using their powerful position to put the industry at risk.

MP Sue Kedgley said yesterday a survey of 75 fruit and vegetable growers found supermarkets marking produce up by up to 500 percent, while growers were being forced to sell for less than it cost them to grow it.

But Food and Grocery Council chief executive Katherine Rich said today that wasn’t happening.

“I don’t think supermarkets are ripping anybody off,” she said on TV One’s Breakfast programme.

“While supermarkets would love a mark-up of 500 percent, it just doesn’t exist in reality.”

Ms Rich said it wasn’t fair to compare the prices growers received with the prices people paid in supermarkets.

“There are a lot of costs that are incurred throughout the supply chain,” she said.

“A lot of goods get thrown away.”

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