Immigrants. Taking Our Jobs & Public Assistance. The Cause Of All Our Problems.

Give Us Your Lavishly Rich, Your Xenophobic

Immigrants.  Taking our jobs and public assistance.  The cause of all our problems.

But it’s not true.

We’re blaming people who are struggling day-by-day to survive on their own or support their families,

while we applaud a system that allows a financial expert to make enough money to pay the salaries of 50,000 police officers.

[ wow,  that doesn’t sound very  -balanced- ]

Here are some facts:

The Census Bureau and the World Wealth Report 2010 both report increases for the top 5% of households even during the current recession.

Based on Internal Revenue Service figures,

the richest 1% have TRIPLED their cut of America’s income pie in one generation.

In 1980 the richest 1% of America took one of every fifteen income dollars.

Now they take THREE of every fifteen income dollars.

That’s a TRILLION extra dollars a year.

Some ultra-rich individuals,

like hedge fund managers David Tepper and John Paulson,

made $4 billion in a year

(on most of which they paid only a 15% capital gains tax rate).

This is enough to pay the salaries of every public school teacher in New York City.

But we blame the immigrants instead of the people taking unimaginable amounts of money from society.

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