New Zealand Defence ~ Perspectives On NZ Security & Foreign Policy Documentary


Since we just lost the first one of our soldiers in an idiot South West Asian land grab

– and with the The New Zealand Tabloid’s editorial this morning

doing it’s level best to wroughtily cheerlead the nation straight into World War Three

– it might be fun to reflect on New Zealand’s place in the world – regarding foreign policies.

Ours and other peoples’.

This documentary examines geopolitics and New Zealand’s national security and foreign policy from multiple perspectives.

Because it addresses national defence in New Zealand,

one might think this documentary is irrelevant for other nations.

Not so.

It has relevance for every person and country who has interest in the need, purpose and nature of national defence systems.

It was aired on New Zealand’s Rialto Channel in 2005.

Included at the end of the post below are three deleted scenes that deal with ‘Spin’, ‘The News’, & ‘Television’

New Zealand Defence

Part 1 – New Zealand

Part 2 Debate

Part 3 Isolation

Part 4 Armed Forces and Threats

Part 5 Alliances

Part 6 The UN (& why it doesn’t work)

Part 7 Trade

Part 8 The North & South Hemispheres

Part 9 Imperialism

Part 10 Superpower

Part 11 China

Part 12 The Military Industrial Complex

Part 13 The Media

Part 14 The Last Word I

Part 15 The Last Word II

Part 16 Spin

Part 17 Television

Part 18 The News



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