Seminar 12th Aug – Becoming Normal (because the world just isn’t)

The talk is tonight @ 7pm

1.    Introduction

The way we live on this planet currently is ridiculous, and we shouldn’t be ok with it. From children growing up and playing with guns to millions of animals being murdered for the sake of experimentation, to people believing in a system which has proven over and over again that it doesn’t care about them.

This will cease to continue, when we know who we are.

2.    The Brain

The Brain is a wonderful thing and it’s physiology is related to our beliefs and perception of reality, in the same way our beliefs and perception of reality are related to it’s physiology.

3.    The Mind

There are different levels of mind, which are associated to the physiology of the brain. Being aware of these levels help us to have a better understanding of who we are, and what we can do.

4.    Who am I?

When we ask ourselves this question, in most cases the honest answer is,
“I don’t know.” Yet the knowledge of this should be elementary in our lives.
There’s so much focus on survival and a fear of death around us; yet
the funny thing is, we can’t even die.

5.    Mind Control

The knowledge of who we are has purposely been suppressed and controlled in
many different ways, to make us slaves at the disposal of the ruling minority.
This part of the talk will go into a few of them.


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