Judge Dredd Reboots


IM Global and Reliance Big Entertainment have sold 90% of the worldwide rights to the upcoming “Judge Dredd” reboot

starring Karl Urban.

IM Global released an official synopsis at the Toronto Film Festival

and hints that Mega City One is “the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth”

while Dredd “is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary.”

Tone wise it says this will be a return to the “dark, visceral incarnation” of the character seen in the comic.

Pete Travis (“Vantage Point,” “Omagh”) directs from a script by Alex Garland (“Sunshine,” “28 Days Later”).

Despite not a frame of the film being shot as yet, shooting kicks off shortly in South Africa,

the financiers have secured around $30 million in financing for the project.


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Sat Sep 18 , 2010