Fund raiser for Christchurch – $20.00 entry.
Sunday 10th October, 10am – 4pm
Senior Citizens Hall, Uxbridge Centre 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick ( Includes entry to a full day of interesting and thought provoking subjects by 2 speakers.

Download/view flyer: Christchurch_fund_raiser_flyer_10th_October.pdf

“I just got a report from a friend in North Carolina. This friend was out driving yesterday and saw two separate very strange anomalies in the sky. The first sighting was 5 spotlight-sized lights in a clear blue sky that blinked on and off. This was a bit to the left of the car.

My friend was still trying to figure that one out when about 1 mile down the road…to the right…all of a sudden a huge portion of the sky peeled back like the page of a book and revealed BLACK. Then the sky appeared to flip back to normal like the page of a book. There were no clouds in the sky. This really shook my friend up. It was totally bizarre.”


Speaker …David Child-Dennis

A retired company director that has worked in many fields including insurance, finance, banking, local and central government, to name a few. “I have an abiding interest in all matters spiritual, but am not religious. Some time ago I was a member of the Canterbury UFO Group, where I used my insurance background as a sighting and contact analyst. Author of “Heresy.”

He will be speaking on…

Do we live in a holographic illusion? Time, foundation of our entire existence. Issues of Choices- why we are here? Issues of Addiction.

Speaker… Alec Newald Author of “Co Evolution – His Real Life Account of Alien Abduction”

“Over the last 10 or 12 years I have kept a low profile and have not been keen to talk publicly about my past history, but things are changing in our world on many levels and I find some are hungry for knowledge and information they cannot get from the mainstream informants”. Please follow Alec’s radio interview on:

He will be speaking on….

Interesting Events documented within our Solar System Pyramidal Type Space craft technology Tie in to Ancient Egyptian Civilizations. Talk about his experiences as an Abductee

BYO lunch ( shops in walking distance )- Teas and Coffee provided

A table for flyers and net-working provided. Bring your information along too.. FREE – Lucky Entry Ticket raffle …to include many ‘goodies” plus… A 4-5 Hr. session with Gail Nicholls on a “Life between Lives” regression…valued at $295.00 A 1 Hr reading by Debbie Laxon… valued at $95.00

*****Gail Nicholls

(09) 535 4065

***** Debbie Laxon

(09) 577 1097

For more information

(ND. DipClinHyp. Reg. NNZ and L.B.L. Therapist.)

email or ( Medium, Spiritual healer and councillor.)



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