‘Dear New York Times ~ Fuck You’

In its main editorial Sunday, the New York Times,

the major voice of what passes for liberalism in America,

openly defends the right of the US government to assassinate anyone it pleases.


The only restriction the Times suggests is that the president should be required to have his selection of murder victims rubber-stamped by a secret court like the one that now approves 99.99 percent of all electronic eavesdropping requests.

The apologia for killing begins with a blatant lie about the US assassination program using missiles fired from CIA-operated drone aircraft flying along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


The Times claims, citing official US government sources:

“The drone program has been effective, killing more than 400 Al Qaeda militants this year alone, according to American officials,

but fewer than 10 noncombatants.”

Actually, Pakistani government officials estimated the number of civilians killed by drone attacks in 2009 alone at more than 700,

with an even higher figure this year,

as the Obama administration has rained missiles and bombs on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.

(See “US drone missiles slaughtered 700 Pakistani civilians in 2009” .)

A report in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn concluded,

“For each Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist killed by US drones, 140 innocent Pakistanis also had to die.

Over 90 per cent of those killed in the deadly missile strikes were civilians, claim authorities.”

The Times editors cannot be unaware of these well-established figures,


since their own journalists have reported a civilian death toll from US missile strikes in Pakistan of some 500 by April 2009,

and 100 to 500 more through April 2010.

They lie shamelessly and deliberately in order to conceal the significance of their endorsement of such widespread killing.


The editorial claims that US drone missile attacks are legal under international law as self-defense,

but this is flatly rejected by human rights groups and legal experts,

except those who work as paid apologists for the CIA and Pentagon.

The United States is not at war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia,

but US missiles have struck the territory of all these countries and annihilated their citizens.

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