Please Help Alcohol Action NZ Reduce Drunk Driving and Health and Social Risks from Alcohol


Dear Friends,
You may already be aware that an organisation called Alcohol Action NZ was formed last year to reduce alcohol-related harm in New Zealand.  The organisation has developed a five point plan that, if implemented, would help reduce crime (including child abuse/neglect) as well the number of car crashes, preventable deaths from cancer and other adverse consequences of the current national drinking culture.
I found out about Alcohol Action’s campaign about a week ago and have been in touch with one of the coordinators of the campaign.  I am  writing to you because Alcohol Action is now asking people to make submissions on Alcohol Reform Bill. These are due by February 1.
This is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the law in NZ so that the law serves ordinary New Zealanders – rather than giving the alcohol industry carte blanche to promote alcohol, regardless of the consequences. The alcohol industry lobby is powerful and only substantial pressure from a large number of concerned citizens is likely to have any impact on the government.

The website for the campaign is
The site has model submissions so that people who agree with the organisation’s five point plan but are too busy to write a lengthy submission can use the model submission, add their name and contact details and send it to parliament.
I hope that this is an initiative that you will support and encourage family, friends and colleagues to do likewise.
If you would like some postcards that express support for Alcohol Action’s campaign (that can be posted to the government as well – or instead of – a more lengthy submission) to distribute to family, friends and colleagues etc please email Fergus Wheeler at with the number that you would like and the address to which you would like them to be posted and he  will arrange them to be sent to you.
If you can help with the campaign in any other way, please email Fergus with your contact details.

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