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‘South Of The Border’ ~ Oliver Stone ~ Documentary



Director Oliver Stone

Travelled ’round South America with a film crew

and Had Video Camera Chats with all the major heads of state of all the

States Of South America

[ &

as documentaries go

this one

cuts right through the bullshit

that’s been crammed down your throat

for decades

about South America

by International Vested Interests

( IVI )

– like a machete through a young banana tree ]

[youtube]m5cUme9S0N4[/youtube] [youtube]Yt4GI01uzrY[/youtube] [youtube]2PkGKnF1-xA[/youtube] [youtube]m20rWH5Q_Gg[/youtube] [youtube]u4mgT6aR0sE[/youtube] [youtube]g_UI6tpqv04[/youtube]
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