Hunter S. Thompson was one of the 20th century’s greatest literary social critics, and one of the most anti-authoritarian. In the tradition of Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken, Thompson never flinched at exposing the hypocrisies and contradictions of American life and ideology, and his contempt for authority permeated not just […]


By James Hilton November 17th , 2010 New Zealanders, whether they recognize it or not, are facing a national emergency. I am referring not merely to the recent abridging of the right to remain silent, but also concerning other unprecedented, and once unthinkable attacks on civil liberties such as the […]

It seems the lame duck Congressional session is becoming anything but unproductive. Yesterday, we saw the cloture of the Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510), and today the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act was unanimously approved by the US Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday with a 19-0 vote. The COICA […]


Dear Friends, You may already be aware that an organisation called Alcohol Action NZ was formed last year to reduce alcohol-related harm in New Zealand.  The organisation has developed a five point plan that, if implemented, would help reduce crime (including child abuse/neglect) as well the number of car crashes, preventable deaths […]


This film goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present. This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves […]

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