The Mainstream Media Is Now Obsolete

The progression of human society relies upon the steady distribution of information.

The quality of that information, its accuracy and its honesty, determines the overall health of the cultures we create.

When a source of information becomes compromised by unhealthy political ambition,

social dogma,

or the strangling hands of elitism,

it’s like a poison well,

spreading plague and pestilence throughout the nation,

or even the world.

Widely disseminated lies inspire delirium and madness in the masses faster than typhoid fever.

In America today,

the person searching for a pure source of truth in the media inevitably stumbles across many poison wells.

Even if they are not yet actively pursuing alternative outlets of information,

many people are aware, at least intuitively,

when someone is trying to swindle them.

You can present us with the assurance of delectable sirloin steaks on ornate silver platters,

but if our faces are struck with the sickly stench of decay,

we aren’t going to bite.

Through its dishonesty and its distinct lack of substance,

the mainstream media has turned up more noses than any putrid slab of unkempt beef ever could.

The raw data is merciless in regards to the implosion of the MSM…

Top providers of print media (newspapers),

including such “luminaries” as the Washington Post

and the New York Times,

have plunged in readership over the past several years.

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